Ask The Doc! Ascites And Spindle Cell Sarcoma

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This week, the Doctors discuss Ascites in a patient whose lung Cancer is being treated by the Jimmy Carter Immune Therapy. What is it? How is it treated? They also touch on the Spindle Cell Sarcoma. How serious is it? What are the different kinds of Sarcomas? The doctors also give a brief Covid update.

Does the Cost of Staying in Power Include China?


Written and Submitted by George McClellan

Americans are in a quandary. Is it even possible to consider Obama’s shadow idiot, China Joe
Biden to be our next president? Exactly! Nobody does not even the Marxist Democrat Party or
their propaganda arm, the main stream media. Presumably, China Joe is now the presidential
pretender-elect, unless God strikes through the upcoming congressional electors process which
does provide a route that invalidates China Joe Biden’s stolen election. It’s possible!
If the electoral certification vote by the Congress is challenged by any one Congressman and
one Senator, and the process proceeds according to the Constitution and states electors throw
the suspected electoral votes into Trumps column, then Abraham Lincoln’s words ring loudly
from the past as truths today:
“We the people are the rightful masters of both the Congress and the courts, not to
overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who would pervert the Constitution”

For career politicians like Joe, nothing apparently, is easier to do than loot the US treasury to
buy and sell favors, offer bribes, bail out dysfunctional Blue City and State governments who
have looted their own treasury’s to buy and sell votes to stay in power. China Joe alone
occupies the role as the patron saint of mediocracy! With his mediocrity, protected by his status
and position, comes the elitism that makes him and those like him, feel safe engaging in their
self-enrichment. If his voters cared they wouldn’t have re-elected him for over forty years as
their Senator, would they?

China Joe Biden convicted himself with his casual remarks bragging about how he got a
Ukrainian prosecutor fired for not dropping his investigation into a corrupt energy company
(Burisma) investigation that compan’s corruption that included his son Hunter Biden, a
treasured, valued and important contributing member of the Burisma Board.
Mediocrity must be a family trait. Hunter opened the door to his and his dad’s potential
destruction by failing to redeem a laptop computer from a repair shop that contained enough
implicating, criminal material to even convict the “Statue of Liberty!”

Then came the entangling web of China, a $1.5 billion dollar contract to Hunter Biden because
his lawyering skills were so in demand by a Chinese company. Apparently the IRS and the FBI
have long had Hunter Biden in their sites but the democrat propaganda machine of the Marxist
Democrat Party, completely shut the stories down. “Nothing to see here” except to see another
application of the Democrats standard denial model: “Admit nothing, deny everything and blame
somebody else.” Actually a lame attempt was made to blame…Trump! Hahaha!
China has flooded America with spy’s under Obama and Biden’s watch. They came as students,
scientists, educators, board member of American companies they’re invested in and "Honey
Tarts” seeking the sexual favors of really corrupt and stupid politicians. “Oh, I lub you bery
much, you so good!" Who could resist that come on?

The Democrat plan to rearrange the deck chairs on their Titanic has started. The media is now
going all in against Hunter Biden. It would have taken down China Joe before the election but
now, it’s an exercise in a power grab by the radicals that will leave the door open to Commie
Harris. China has a great investment in America’s failure. It’s their destiny to rule the world, they
think! Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get & ’em! (16Dec20)

Short Takes – Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Man?

Opinion, Politics

Written by: George McClellan

Somehow the explosive revelations implicating the Biden Clan in consorting with our Chinese enemies and Ukrainian Oligarchs, simply to enrich their own family coffers, all ignored by the main stream media, the Democrats propaganda machine, apart from the exposure of pure avarice and reckless deep state criminality, opens up other interesting questions. 


Laughingly, the term “Big Guy” apparently meant to be Joe Biden, Vice-President under Barak Obama and father of the terms author, Hunter Biden, comes off as a bigger scoundrel than the simple appellations of “Sleepy Joe,” or “Plugs” would suggest. Is Joe acting? He’s already wealthy beyond his wildest expectations serving forty-seven years as a deep state politician. Is he taking one for the team to get Kamala Harris in place to complete Obama’s fundamental change of America? Looks like it! After all, Joe is getting old, feeble and can probably count the years he has left on one hand, win or lose.


But, is Joe Biden the “Big Guy,” really the “Kingfish” of a sinister crime family? Hummn?  By all appearances it would seem so! The Mafia has nothing on this guy’s ‘white collar’ money making skills except the Mafia has cooler names like “Dons, Godfather, Capo’s and best of all, Capo de tutti Capo!”  If Joe had even a smidgen of Italian blood in his veins he’d be in prison by now. 


The Mafia was thoroughly compromised by years of FBI wire tapes, intercepts and snitches. That raises the question, how much have they collected on Sleepy Joe over the years?  Like the “Shadow” of crime fighting radio fame years ago, listeners were reminded “The weed of Crime bears bitter fruit. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow does.”  So did the FBI, once! J. Edgar Hoover saw to that because he knew what avarice made of fresh bright-eyed politician’s in the Washington DC Swamp. Hoover kept secret records of every politician who left him a trail. He knew their schemes, their paramours, their travels and their secret associates and when a politician was going astray, he quietly brought their activities to a close. 


In the 1940s and after, Hoovers FBI were also looking for spies, Germans, then later Soviets, including American politicians and government workers like Alger Hiss. Today’s FBI it would seem, by the almost forgotten evidence of the failed coup attempt against President Trump, no longer keeps a close eye on errant politicians but seem to have realigned their talents to protect those evil politicians, like Hillary Clinton, by justifying her crimes because she lacked intent. 


A lost laptop filled with compromising evidence implicating Biden’s family cabal, has apparently been in the FBI’s hands since December 2019. That fact is now common knowledge. What have they been doing with it? One hopes they found in it a treasure trove of Biden’s criminal bribery and money laundering schemes, a sure fire way to derail Biden’s run for President; or leads that compromise Chinese (CCP) espionage activities. In any event, that wasn’t their intent because the election is upon us and Democrat Politicians will scream foul calling it another Russian plot to affect the 2020 election to support Trump. 


Well, yes, we certainly hope so! Now, comes a former associate of Hunter Biden with physical evidence and testimony further implicating the former VP as deeply involved in promoting bribery, money laundering and favoritism to the Chinese Communist Party. Will the witness survive? Will Joe’s activities count as espionage? Will we see arrests made? Will we see justice? Don’t count on it!  If the Democrats win this election, this thing will go away, for ever! 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em! (24Oct20)

All star panelist expose on Joe Biden and Co financial dealings

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Joe Biden

After delving into Joe Biden’s friends’ questionable and convenient financial past, All-Star Panelist Joene DePlancke presented her findings on the issue.

“All the deals weren’t funneled through Hunter. He used so many longtime friends and major contributors to generate billions for himself and his family,” DePlancke explained about Joe Biden’s financial dealings.

In 2010, they created a construction firm Hillstone International as a subsidiary of Hill International, founded by friend Irv Richter in 1976. Hillstone was run by Kevin Justice, another Biden friend. Justice visited the vice president’s office on November 4, 2010, and three weeks later Joe’s brother James joined Hillstone as executive vice president. He lacked any construction expertise. Then Hillstone started negotiations to win a contract in war-torn Iraq. The company receives a 100,000 home and $35 billion contract within six months, along with a $22 million US federal government contract to manage a construction project for the state department. At this point, the company hadn’t executed any real estate projects.

Joene DePlancke spent 30 minutes reviewing her financial findings on Joe Biden’s associates on BKP’s Good Morning from the Office.

Over the next several years, Hillstone International generated $1.5 billion in revenue – three times its normal return on investment. A group of minority partners including James Biden split $735 million between themselves.

Another instance of Biden’s friends benefiting from their connections, a longtime donor and Delaware car dealer John Hynansky received a $20 million loan from the federal government’s Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC). He earned this loan after Biden introduced him to Ukraine officials because Hynansky wanted to expand his dealership in Ukraine. On the loan, it states that all cars would come from Europe, not the United States, to be sold in Ukraine. The American auto industry wouldn’t benefit from the loan and business expansion. However, he received taxpayer money to fund his venture.

When James Biden had a federal tax lien placed on the Biden Bungalow in Keewaydin Island, FL by the IRS for $590,000 plus a $74,700 lien by a contractor, James received a mortgage for $900,000 from an obscure Delaware entity called 1018 PL, LLC.  John Hynansky controlled the company.

How Hunter’s dealing began

Long before Burisma, Joe Biden began using his son Hunter for political and financial gain. In 2001, Hunter received large consulting fees from MNBA – the largest credit card company at the time. At this time, Senator Joe Biden voted against the regulatory requirement that credit card companies warn consumers about the perils of making only minimum payments. He was only one of five Democrats to vote against the regulation.

That same year, Hunter became a lobbyist with Senator Biden’s former legal advisor and his job was to submit targeted earmarks to the senator’s office. Often times, these earmarks became part of bills and resulted in millions for pet projects. Eventually, the senate caught on to this scheme and passed an ethics bill prohibiting senators and their families from earmark profiting.

Vice President Biden with sons Hunter and Beau.

Hunter subsequently left the lobbying game.

In 2002, Senator Biden moves forward with legislation that makes it easy to sue for asbestos exposure. His son Beau Biden was a partner in a Delaware law firm that primarily handled asbestos cases.

Fast forward to 2008, PartyGaming hires Hunter Biden as a lobbyist and to manage their issues with the Department of Justice, who recently subpoenaed 12 US banks concerning the company’s wire fraud. Hunter Biden is successful in keeping the DOJ away from PartyGaming until his father Joe Biden becomes vice president. Hunter then must give up the lobbying position and a few months later PartyGaming pled guilty to wire fraud and paid out $300 million.

Biden and China Connection

In 2009, Hunter joins forces with Devon Archer and Chris Heinz to form Rosemont Seneca Partners in partnership with Rosemont Capital. From here Hunter and Vice President Biden fly to China on Air Force 2 in part because VP Biden had US business with the Chinese government. Ten days following the trip, even though both asserted that no business occurred, Rosemont Seneca announced a $1.5 billion deal with the Chinese government also known as the Bank of China.

In 2013, the Bank of China established BHR and placed Hunter Biden on the board of directors, even though he has zero experience in mergers and acquisitions. The BHR begins buying American companies with military connections, Nuclear Power Company, CGN, and Henniges technology. The Henniges purchase had to be approved by an interagency committee due to its military contracts. The majority of the committee consisted of Obama-Biden administration officials.

In 2014, Hunter and his associates launched Rosemont Realty and made a deal with a Chinese government-connected company. They began buying commercial property for China.

“Joe Biden, the vice president of the United States, enabled Hunter to be the frontman for communist China. To buy our companies, to buy military companies, to buy real estate all across this country,” said Joene DePlancke.


Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine became part of the money train in 2014 as well. Ukrainian natural gas producer, Burisma deposited $112,000 into a Rosemont bank account marked “C/O Devon Archer.” The following day, Archer visited the White House to meet privately with Vice President Joe Biden.

On April 22, Archer joined the Burisma Board of Directors and on May 12, Hunter Biden did so as well. Additionally, Senator Mitt Romney advisor Joseph Cofer Black joined the same board. Three Americans are executives for the largest natural gas company in Ukraine. They were each paid $1 million per year or $83,333 per month. None had any qualifying experience in the energy sector or previous ties to Ukraine.

On April 21, Vice President Joe Biden visits Kviv, Ukraine, and brings terms for a US Agency for International Development program to assist the Ukrainian natural gas industry. Archer is appointed to the Burisma board the next day.

The founder of Burisma Zlochevsky was being investigated in 2014 when Archer and Hunter were put on the Board. In 2016, Ukrainian authorities seized Zlochevsky’s property and he fled the country.  Authorities then seized Burisma’s gas wells. Hunter used his contacts in Washington to help Zlochevsky with his corruption case. Burisma hired former Obama DOJ lawyer John Buretta.

Buretta met with prosecutors in September 2016 to get the charges dropped. All subsequent charges were dropped. Also, in September, Vice President Biden pressures Ukrainian officials to fire the Burisma prosecutor. Joe Biden later bragged that he had the prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine.

The vice president’s final trip to Ukraine was on January 16, 2017. It was also his last foreign trip as vice president. Four days before Joe Biden arrived, officials announced the end of investigations into Burisma. Under Biden’s direction, the Obama administration poured $3 billion dollars into the country.

“Three billion US dollars from US taxpayers with three billion we could do another stimulus check,” added Joene DePlancke.

Follow the money

Additionally, during Joe Biden’s time as Vice President, Hunter had a Morgan Stanley account. In April 2014, $142,500 is deposited from Kazakhstan oligarch controlled Novatus Holdings.

In August 2014, $1.2 million arrived from an anonymous LLC via a small Swiss bank called BSI S.A.  In 2016, BSI was part of an embezzlement and money laundering investigation spanning ten countries and at least $4.2 billion in irregular transactions.

In August 2015, $150,000 transferred into an account controlled by MFTCG Holdings LLC Biden. It’s unclear which Biden is referred to in the transaction.

“The money just gets moved so many times if you could see how much went through Latvia,” DePlancke explained, “If you get accounts in Latvia, then you can move the money anywhere.”

During a court trial, Devon Archer described a financial relationship with Russian oligarch Yelena Baturina.  Archer said, Baturina invested over $200 million into various investment funds that involved Archer and Hunter.

The pair set up another joint venture, a private-public partnership called MBloom in Hawaii. Hunter’s firm invested $5 million and the other half came from HSDC.  The HSDC money came from a program in Washington DC called the Treasury Department State Small Business Credit Initiative, ran by a longtime Biden aide, Don Graves.

Graves served as counselor to Vice President Biden, his domestic and economic policy director, and his traveling chief of staff.  And after Joe Biden left the White House, he appointed Graves to the policy advisory board of the Biden Institute.

“You put your friends in charge of these programs and then he dishes out the money to Hunter and Archer,” DePlancke stated.

Very few cash transactions go directly to Joe Biden, but James, Hunter, and others pay for the trips, parties, and expenses for Joe.

“The money goes to Hunter, Beau, James, and Frank, whoever, but they spend it on his behalf,” DePlancke ended.

The majority of DePlancke findings are taken from Peter Schweizer’s Profiles.

Vernon Jones speaks on Trump Rally and crowdsurfing


Fresh off his weekend and an event where he “crowd-surfed” to a young man in a wheelchair because he wanted a picture, Georgia State Representative, Vernon Jones (D) says, “Let me be clear about one thing. I’m committed to this President. I believe in this President. I took a leap of faith and I believed in that crowd and that crowd caught me.”

This was not Jones’ first event in support of President Donald Trump either. He is campaigning for the President in the current elections saying that he is a life-long Democrat, but he would not vote for Joe Biden.

Comparing the two, Jones said that Biden has destroyed black men and women through mass incarceration. He has a record of doing nothing whereas Trump has produced results like the First Step Act restoring families.

Focusing on business and the economy, Jones listed several things as accomplishments in Trump’s Presidency like correcting trade agreements to a fair agreement for America, grew the economy evidenced by businesses expanding and job growth, increased pay for those in military service, and supported historical black college funding.

Jones said, “He has done more in the past 47 months than Joe Biden has done in the past 47 years.”

He added that people are being shamed for supporting Trump by the media and others as they are being portrayed as racists and bigots. But these people are just people. People who don’t care what color you are, people who just love their country.

Many Democrats are turning in support of the President and for himself, according to Jones, because they see the craziness in their own party, the anger in their own party, and the violence in their own party.

Jones referenced the incident over the weekend of a Trump supporter who was attacked and lost two teeth in the beating he took. He said this is the game that these liberals are playing. They are trying to incite fear through violence, fear through the pandemic, and  fear through the media.

In full support of Trump, he said in an interview that the President is the best hope in support of our first and second amendment rights. He later added that voting for Biden isn’t even a vote for Biden as president. “He wouldn’t be the president, it would be Kamala Harris,” he said.

He added that she would be even scarier.

Georgia State Representative, Vernon Jones (D)

Going down the ballot from Trump, Jones also showed his support for Doug Collins and the work he has already done for Georgia as a Representative for the 9th Congressional District. While he didn’t specifically comment on Loeffler, he did say that Warnock was the wrong choice saying, “… it’s a vote for our civil liberties to be lost. It’s a vote for illegal immigration. It’s a vote for taking away the tax cut. He is dangerous.”

However, he didn’t stay long with this race and returned again to the Presidential Election and its importance as he said he was going to continue supporting and campaigning for Trump through his birthday even, October 31. He said that despite the polls, he wants Georgia to be all for the president in his re-election. Especially since the opposition has the major media supporting and propping up Biden’s campaign.

Jones pointed to the media and incidents with Biden meeting with Russian officials. He asks why none of them are asking Biden about it and why he or anyone in his campaign wouldn’t denounce the allegations or answer the questions.

With more events coming and debates on the way, Jones said he is looking to continue campaigning hard as he stands behind his words and endorsements.

It was a common theme during his statements. Constantly focused on the election, on Trump, and on the future of America. Many other stories are focused on his crowd surfing and the meaning or consequences of that day.

Jones stated in the video, “Show me the next crowd. I’ll do the same thing.”

Short Takes – Two Weeks

Opinion, Politics

Written and Submitted By: George McClellen


Americans have been conned by the outrageous lies of Democrats. Within two weeks America will know if it will remain the beacon of hope for all people or will we slide into the abyss of third world violence, totalitarism and slavery. True Americans are not going to allow Democrats with their mail in ballot schemes to ruin our country. Americans will not accept demented Joe Biden who would soon die, leaving Marxist Kamala Harris as President. No one wanted her! 


Americas accepted values of civility were inexorably altered in Minneapolis, Mn, when Floyd George, a black two-bit thief, robber, fraudster and drug user, died at police hands while being arrested for passing a counterfeit twenty. Democrats saw an opportunity and went crazy elevating this thug to Saintly status, eulogizing  his worthless life in funerals in three different cities. The “pity show” for poor Floyd George went on for days and gullible Americans, thinking they could assuage their whiteness, sent in thousands of dollars to a cadre of Marxist revolutionaries, mostly white morons, whose aim is to overthrow the United States of America and replace it with fascism.


What happens then? Fascism of course!  We’ve already experienced multiple robberies and street violence to show respect and deep grief for the unlamented George. Violence swept the US and then went world wide into a planed and coordinated attack against western values. Nobody was left untouched. Black as well as white businesses were looted and burned, counter protests were quickly shut down with violence by Antifa’s, Police ordered to stand down and streets cordoned off from fire and medical aid and, the murders of eighty-nine policemen.


The most useless presidential candidate ever to take the field, Joe Biden, fell to his knees and wept. Whose got a violin? I’ll turn the weepy pages. So did the wicked old lady of the House, and her silly looking cohorts of Progressive sympathizers, wearing bits of African cloth around their necks, presumably to show solidarity with poor George Floyd. All lies!


Americans are beyond reasoning with these people. They lie! It’s in their DNA and they cannot stop themselves. They are products of the teachings of now long dead Socialists like John Dewey, Betty Friedan. William James, Alfred Kinsey, Aldous Huxley Benjamin Bloom, B.F.  Skinner, Karl Marx, John Maynard Keynes, Saul Alinsky, Sigmund Freud, Margaret Sanger, Roger Baldwin and many others whose wicked philosophies are borne out on our streets today.


Joe Biden is a cannon ball on a pitching deck for Democrats. Even with a Teleprompter and aides standing at his elbow, he can’t get it right. He refuses to answer questions about his son, Hunter Biden’s wealthy involvement with both the Ukraine and China; denies having even consulted with Hunter on any of these issues and even in the face of irrefutable evidence, denies any wrong doing.


Democrats are totally corrupt! Everything to them is politics for power and they’ll sign on with the devil to get it. Speaking of which, lurking in the wings is China’s Emperor Ji jingping, aided and abetted by Hunter Biden who sold his fathers influence as VP to Americas enemies for millions. 

This is the epitome of the Deep State Swamp that president Trump has promised to drain. They are fighting back with lies, lies and more lies and yet, we see no movement in the Halls of Justice to bring these creatures to book! We’re two weeks away from a reckoning. If they win, Joe and Hunter may be the richest men in America, lackeys to Emperor Ji Jingping.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get angry! (18Oct20)

Georgia being called for President Trump

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President Trump Georgia

ATLANTA, Ga – InsiderAdvantage has called Georgia for President Donald Trump with almost all the votes counted.

“InsiderAdvantage Chairman Matt Towery says, ‘I was amazed that Georgia was not called last night. There are not enough votes available to bring this race much closer or to create a contested situation. There was no Democratic wave in Georgia, despite what most pollsters and the national media had trumpeted.'”

Towery is a veteran pollster and has accurately polled the winner of every state so far.

Georgia has 16 electoral college votes and will take Donald Trump to 229. Joe Biden currently has 238 electoral college votes.

See the complete InsiderAdvantage story, here.

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