Short Takes – Mueller vs. Trump vs.the American Public, or Pipe Dreams?


I never cease to be amazed at the crap the media feeds us including the opinions of journalists just barely able to peel bananas with their hands.The otiose schemes the deranged Left keeps pushing is the political danger to Pres. Trump should he fires Mueller. Oh, the humanity of it!

Well, let’s get on with it; watch where the smoke comes from then put out the fire. This wasted, year long Mueller drama which all but indites Hillary Clinton and her coterie of conspirators in the DOJ, the FBI, the IRS and the State Dept. as the true criminals, needs to be resolved and soon. The patience of the American voters who put Trump in office is growing thin. They will not abandon Trump when the real problems are so clear. Heads must roll and then we can heal the wounds,and work to return to a true constitutional republic like the founders envisioned.

“Is their a constitutional confrontation in the offing?” asks one headline. The article posits the notion that Mueller is nearly omnipotent in fighting crime and or evil and has the power and authority like a Grand Wizard, to demand the President of the United States present himself before a Grand Jury, presumably to arrange his public execution by burning at the stake. Right!

The article allows that the President has some outs like any other citizen, such as invoking his  5th amendment rights; that he can simply remove the Deputy. AG, who hired Mueller after Jeff Sessions abdicated his responsibility, daring to face the slings and arrows, that will come or, he could simply swat the Mueller nuisance away, de-fund the investigation and move on, a proposal most Americans really want. It reminds us that the president is not “above the law” but fails to warn us that Hillary Clinton, the corrupt James Comey, Loretta Lynch, et. al., are above the law. “Oh, the harm it would do to the FBI’s reputation..& etc., etc.” Well, the top management has been exposed as a nest of vipers and does need to be cleaned out, the sooner the better.

We know that the Supreme Court ruled that Nixon, who did have tapes and records, had to produce them as physical evidence. What does Trump have to produce he hasn’t already freely given? Nothing, so the hunt goes on until they find something. They can forget any more Stormy Daniels stories. No body cares. Bill Clinton saw to that. That’s old news. The issue behind the issues here is that the Democrats have no issues they can convince Americans to embrace other than the Obama socialist disaster that Trump is now happily discarding. They can run on no other issue except “hate Trump” because he beat ‘em soundly, leaving them bereft of power and like Biblical Moses, wandering aimlessly in the Sinai. Listening to the morose former House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is evidence enough of that.

It’s in their best interests to attack Trump, in fact it’s their only interest if they dream of ever recapturing the Congress again but, I suspect “dreams” are not policies. Democrat dreams cannot possibly move or replace Trumps successes like his tax cuts, killing the regulation state, his rising employment and GDP numbers and low unemployment rates, ripping America away from stupid trade deals that have hurt us, and ignoring the pseudo science environmental nonsense that the left believes will empower them to create their ‘dreamed’ one world order to save the planet. More importantly, he’s not afraid to face off Iran, which is facing its own internal problems, and the North Korean dingbat who pushed himself onto the world stage as a nuclear competitor and now can’t let go. Trump, the protagonist, has challenged them all and they react as he has expected them to. The Democrats are in disarray, Iran has squandered the billions Obama gave him and are almost broke and Kim is in fear of losing it all by his over extension.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!

FYN Interviews Rebbeca Yardley on Georgia’s 2018 Sine Die – Last Day of Legislative Session

Politics, State & National

It’s Sine Die day, that means it’s the last day of the 2018 Legislative Session! Interviews First Vice Chairman of Georgia Congress 9th District GOP Rebecca Yardley on the experience and what to expect from the Georgia Capitol today!


“Chicken Little” Lives


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Oracular like, the worlds most renowned prognosticator, “Chicken Little” aka: Al Gore, opined on Sundays TV talk shows his usual dire warnings about ignoring “climate change” predicting the coming demise of the whole world by rising tides, air choked by carbon dioxide and polluted water because that awful Donald Trump took America out of the Paris Climate Accord.

Trump knows, as do most Americans not infected by Chicken Littles inconvenient propaganda, that staying with the Paris Climate Accord was nothing more than a scheme to transfer America’s wealth to despots in third, forth and fifth world nations so they can breath easily and drink water without fear of nasty pollution caused by greedy industrialized nations.

China and India are exempt of course because they are third world nations emerging into the modern industrial age and need a “hand up to catch up” with the rest of that greedy, polluting  industrialized world. Now, one can’t breath the air in Beijing without a Darth Vader breathing system, but no matter, China and India are still needy. How stupid can our leaders really get?

But don’t be fooled. The end goal is a one world government and they mean to get it by whatever ruse they can think up. Climate warming is the current issue of dire alarm they use to try to make us fearful. After a couple of decades of failed evidence and computer generated lies, may we conclude it hasn’t really worked and get on with our independent lives or are we really that stupid too? Throw the bums out!

Chicken Littles breathless and alarmed propaganda offensive is designed to adumbrate the real hidden truths about the earth’s alway’s changing weather. For example, there is an on-going controversy with Democratic states and Progressive cities pledging to adhere to the Climate control accords in spite of Trump’s withdrawal. It’s in your face defiance, but America was created to have fifty different governing opinions, some that would work and some fail, so I don’t worry about them. Apparently, another 10th amendment test is under way again.

In support of the dire climate warming nonsense, we are gifted with this type of fuzzy thinking from the Left’s die-hard leadership: Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupsi said: “Utah has a $1 billion skiing industry threatened by climate change (wasn’t there too much snow last winter?) and experienced a 65% growth in solar power last year alone.” “As one of the country’s sunniest states,” the mayor continued, “Utah is warming at twice the global average, and our drinking water is at risk.” Now where did she get those stupid figures, from Chicken Little?

Elimination of auto pollution, i.e.: CO2 emissions, is the reason environmentalists like Chicken Little have a platform to speak from. Carbon is the villain and it comes mainly from coal, oil and gas. I well remember a smog filled LA basin in the 50’s and 60’s. It’s still smog filled but, to fearful environmentalists, like Chicken Little, despite the effective emission controls mandated by government in the intervening decades, with no change, it must now be too many cars that is the problem. Here we enter the realm of soon to be mandated mass transit, slow inner city trains and high speed rail across country as solutions. Hence, the billions spent on California’s high-speed rail boondoggle, LA to San Fran. Until it can pay for itself, it’s unaffordable!

I do not disagree with the mass transit idea so long as I don’t have to ride a bus more than a few blocks. I’ve lived and worked in Europe and trains were the most effective method of getting from point “A” to Point “B” effectively but, they all ran on electricity made by coal.  Go figure!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (07Jun17)

Everybody Loves Hates Hillary


Opinion by George McClellan:

Stick a fork in her. Hillary is done…or is she? We may hope so, but wherever we turn there she is again lecturing us on the Russians stealing the election for Trump. Will she never go away? OMG, like a bad dream, no, a reoccurring nightmare, she walks among us now, zombie like,  with yet another excuse for her failures. Hillary Clinton is a textbook example of a schizoid personality given her rants on every platform the leftist media makes available to her. They might be getting a little tired of her by now.

Perhaps they are letting her vent in order that she will finally exhaust her bile, quit the race and go home. But, I don’t see that happening. She hasn’t yet finished seeking out the many other scoundrels to blame for her failure to become Americas first unqualified female President. If that doesn’t work, and it won’t, look for her daughters smiley face to shine daily over the eastern horizon like the rising morning sun, reminding us all of what’s in store for us just down the road.

One would have thought that her attacks on the DNC, throwing them under the bus for lack of support and poor data, would have been enough but, even here she fails to realize the Democrat Party is a creature of former president Obama and Obama hates the Clintons.

In new developments Senator Chuck Grassley has requested the Secretary of State to provide his Senate Judicial Committee with all emails, State Department records and communications related to Hillary Clintons’ interference with official investigations by 15 June. The senator also inquired if the matter had been referred to the Department of Justice or the State Department’s inspector general and, “If not, why not?”

It is specifically alleged that Clinton, as Obama’s SoS, sent senior U.S. diplomats to Bangladesh to pressure that country’s Prime Minister, Sheik Hasina and her son Sajeeb Wazed to kill a corruption investigation of the 70 year old managing director of the state-owned Bangladesh bank and the Grameen Bank. His name is Yunus. Clinton apparently threatened Wazed with an IRS tax audit if his mum, the Prime Minister, didn’t withdraw from the corruption probe. Wazed has lived in the U.S. for 17 years and has business ties here.

Grassley, in his official letter to SoS Rex Tillerson, asked: “If the Secretary of State used her position to intervene in an independent investigation by a sovereign government simply because of a personal and financial relationship stemming from the Clinton Foundation rather than the legitimate foreign policy interests of the United States, then that would be unacceptable.  

Co-mingling her official position as Secretary of State with her family foundation would be similarly inappropriate. It is vital to determine whether the State Department had any role in the threat of an IRS audit against the son of the Prime Minister in retaliation for this investigation.”

 In 2011, the state-owned Grameen Bank removed the unhappy Yunus from his directorship as a result of the government’s investigations into his financial misappropriations. Apparently he cheated the Grameen Banks loan program for poor peasants and women to the tune of about $100 million. US AID, under Clinton, awarded eighteen grants, contracts and loans to Yunus’ American based foundations, and he donated $25 to $50,000, to the Clinton Foundation.

Wazed has told all so, obstruction and interference is no longer available to protect Hillary Clinton. Neither is the former Director of the FBI, James Comey. Don’t expect his testimony Thursday to count for anything. It’s CYA time. “The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of man?…The Chickens are coming home to roost! (07Jun17)

The Depths of Corruption – Follow the Money


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Trump is no dummy and should not be underestimated as evidenced by the skill he employed in neutralizing his main internal enemy, FBI Director James Comey. Perhaps Trump’s other adversaries should think about looking for good lawyers. Evidence, not innuendo, rumors or fake news like the “Comey Memo,” is starting to reveal the real depths of corruption that infects the highest levels of the FBI and DoJ. Comey’s job, was simply to protect the establishment, the one he was invited to join many years ago. How else could a civil servant, a DoJ lawyer on a scheduled income, become a multi-millionaire? Corrupt politics of course.

As always, follow the money! Even as far back as George H.W. Bush’s administration the money string, then as now, always seems to lead back to the cash pit that was Saudi Arabia, a Wahhabis Islamic country still funding the creation of Islamic schools in the west.

Back then, the Saudi’s had an iron grip on world energy production through OPEC. George H.W. Bush, was then an advisor of influence for the Carlyle Group investment firm and apparently had a hand in arranging a billion dollar investment, to help his friends, from a Saudi family named the bin Laden’s. Carlyle is the largest financier of weapons in the world, buying up defense companies whenever and where ever they can. The Bush’s, father and son are, or were, both paid adviser to the firm. Making money for their investors is their business and war and conflict is the vehicle that drives it,….follow the money!

At that time the FBI Director was one Robert Mueller, probably directly responsible for America not being prepared for the 9/11 attack by officially ignoring the warnings. A Judicial Watch inquiry reports that Director Mueller killed an FBI counter-terrorism initiative out of the Chicago Field Office that was following a Saudi money laundering scheme that revealed that an imminent attack against America was probable. That attack occurred on 9/11.

In 2013, there was much ‘too do’ about Obama nominating James Comey, a Republican, as Director of the FBI to replace the retiring Robert Muller. But, for the establishment elites he was the perfect choice because Comey, like many aspiring government attorneys looking for wealth and advancement, can wear any hat that fits the need, in this case maintaining the status quo of the elite, corrupt federal government. Comey’s was picked because of his long connections with the Clinton’s formed years earlier when he was a very young, eager assistant AG.

Jump forward to today and, because of Trump, the evidence of government corruption is spilling out with revelations that intelligence agencies and the FBI, under Obama, systematically violated Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act by illegally eavesdropping on millions of Americans. Susan Rice, Obama’s National Security Advisor, for political reasons, was a willing participant to protect the government. Now, it’s to protect them from Trump.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) is apoplectic learning that their authority to protect the 4th Amendment rights of American citizens was simply ignored by Obama, the FBI and the NSA. Indeed, it was the FBI Directors main job to protect the elites, old and new, from investigations like Clintons for example, which he did. Comey is now gone and all bets are off. Comey’s ‘evidence’ now lies in the hands of the new US Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.

Power, and the deadly potential of its use, has shifted hands. The media’s attacks on Trump will continue, so watch for the radical democrats to slow down a bit and let the media carry their water. Trump will do what he has to do. It is imperative if America is to survive.

The Comey Memo…and other stuff!


Opinion written by George McClellan

For the Left, the current Comey memo constitutes a serious frisson event. The controversy now enveloping the White House is not about investigations, the former FBI Director’s firing, Lt.Gen. Flynn, revealed secrets to Russian diplomats or White House fence jumpers. It is totally and completely another opportunity for the deranged ultra-leftist media to destroy Donald Trump and his administration, and do it fast before he can finish drawing the swamp. Simple as that!

The Donald is like a lightening rod. I have a hunch he does a lot of it on purpose so we can all see how dysfunctional and out of control the media really is. Since 2008, voters have seen how awful the previous administration was and it took three election cycles to remove the new Marxist Party (Democrat), from the game card. Chuckie Schumer, supposed leader of nothing, can’t get to a microphone fast enough to bloviate in somber tones, predicting America’s imminent demise at the hands of the loose cannon, Donald Trump, rolling around recklessly on the deck of the ship of state.

The firing of Director Comey was in-artful, but still everyone could see it coming. Humiliated by the process, Comey, a political creature right from the swamp, will become a weapon of the Left to continue the attack on Donald Trump. Comey’s memo, shared with a NYT reporter via telephone conversation, has not been seen, yet it is considered to be ‘revealed truth’ and as important to exposing Trumps’ inadequacies as finding a lost book of the gospel proving Darwin was right.

Wouldn’t it be fun if President Trump rehired James Comey just to see how fast the Democrats could change positions again? Former Director Comey will never be a model of rectitude. He blew that with the Hillary Clinton investigation. Indeed, it was an obstruction of justice for Comey to present a case for Clinton’s carelessness that revealed state secrets (a crime) to our enemies while declining to recommend prosecution because Clinton lacked intent.

I cannot avoid believing the Directors recommendation to have been part of the secret Lynch/Clinton tarmac meeting. He thought he should step beyond his duty to shield Attorney General Lynch and give her cover for not being forced to prosecute what was Clinton’s clear violation of laws that specifies “intent” is not needed for a crime to have been committed. This especially applies to violations outside penal codes, the laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the proper handling of classified materials. Materials includes documents, manuals, equipment, software, hardware, and anything that pertains to government operations deemed classified.

The whole story will probably not be known, to us anyway, until years have passed. Comey had to know the Clinton fix was in, and his shocking “no reasonable prosecutor” comment really meant “no prosecutor in this DOJ”. But, so long as he had gone this far, a rarity in FBI proceedings, he should have laid out enough evidence to show culpability, and then say, “it is now up to the Attorney General to decide on whether to bring charges or not.”

Comey is a team player for the Left so his true mission was to protect the process, not the results. If he had not, he would’ve been fired then and there and Lynch would have been insulated. As it is, she now becomes one of the dominos, standing in line behind Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, et. al. always fearful of facing prosecution for their misdeeds, unless..Trump can be neutralized and made redundant. Is that too much to ask of a loyal swamp creature? Fall on your sword and give one for the “Gipper?” Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (17May17)

War, Turmoil, Distraction and Degradation


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Depending on which media outlet one chooses as their primary news source, news events are either cast as “sensational,” therefore demanding immediate response from our national political leaders, or “indifferent” in order to protect the response of our national political leaders. Turmoil and war, and the threat of war, rioting in the streets and supporting crime through sanctuary city programs are distractions leading to our degradation.

Donald Trump’s election came as a complete and total shock, not only to the Marxist oriented American Democrat party, but especially to the globalist banking elites who assumed that with Hillary Clinton’s victory, they would at last have, in place, the one final key that would cause the last domino to fall, the United States of America, to achieve their goal of a New World Order. It’s been delayed but the shock waves are still being felt worldwide. A distraction is needed. Korea perhaps?

For our socialization, the last piece of the Marxist-Leninist scheme in place to dominate America and thus, the world, was Obama’s Affordable Care Act, a carefully staged, intentional disaster, to achieve a single payer (government) scheme, but only if Hillary won. To take over healthcare, as Marx wrote, was the final step in degrading a country. If people realized it, they would oppose it. Therefore, the need for the distractions of war, turmoil and confusion.

At the moment their scheme have been halted because of Trump’s populist victory, but time is on their side and they will be back unless they can be destroyed. The Trump Derangement Syndrome now on display in reaction to Donald Trump’s election victory, is proof enough that their plans were severely disrupted. But the Left never quits. Their attacks on him will continue.

It is now undeniable, after economists have studied the records of decades of the rise and fall of nations, the economic terms of wealth and want, feast and famine, and the periods of conflict we have endured, that our history comes in measurable and predictable cycles. Understandably, we are in a war cycle now and, it was predicted.

The subversives in America, the old CPUSA, are now disguised as environmentalists, bankers, educators, church leaders, businessmen and politicians, mostly all Democrats, certainly Liberals. They have subverted our banking systems, our educational systems, by indoctrinating America’s children to think in terms of “multicultural collectivism,” and our Judicial systems by emplacing liberal judges on the bench to make rulings in accordance to Progressive orthodoxy, not constitutional law.

American’s cannot be conquered until we are degraded. By subverting the institutions that provided America its moral codes and legal standards and thus it’s prized exceptionalism, the slow, incremental degradation will continue. The mass importation of muslims into the American hinterland and the criminalizing of any ill word against them as throat cutters and women stoners, terrorists & etc. is deemed a “hate crime” and an affront to the Progressive rule of law that must be punished, not by outraged Muslims, but by our own politicians and courts. We see examples of the Left’s continued attempts to degrade us, using our own laws, in the news every day.

What’s next, war? I fear North Korea fits the bill as a distraction. For the media, North Korea is the first issue of “sensationalism.” Will we be in another war? Trump has already punished Syria on Obama’s behalf for his “Red Line” fiasco. Is it now North Korea’s turn? Why? We have serious problems here that I believe is another example of a world turmoil issue that the New World Order crowd needs, and even promotes, in order that uncooperative nations, like America, remain financially indebted, to them.

If conflict with NK comes about, I don’t see it as a conventional war, asymmetric or otherwise. NK learned its lessons from the 1950’s when we brought overwhelming airpower to bear and swept away all their efforts at defense and stymied their attempt to install Soviet style communism in the entire Korean peninsula. That won’t happen again. Instead, serious anti-aircraft measures consisting of advanced Russian and Chinese missile technology will defend their air space, not just over the battlefield, but far beyond it.  A curse to the US Navy.

In the intervening decades, the NK’s have tunneled the hell out of their mountains, including multiple avenues of attack facing South Korea. Many, as yet undiscovered tunnels are ready to be opened for just such a purpose. Also, deep underground, they have labs and workshops, command and control HQ’s, storage facilities and troop cantonments buried throughout the country and, by manpower size alone, nearly one of the largest standing army’s in the world ready to swarm out and overwhelm our boots on the ground. It will be nasty because Introducing ground troops into that little patch of earth could be a military disaster and would be a political disaster leaving the worlds financiers to pick up the pieces. They’re waiting to do just that. They expect it will happen. They will fund it.

An invasion by America into North Korea would create other potential crisis for our military and political leaders, such as not accidentally violating Chinese air space for example. That’s a  provocation we do not need and a recipe for certain disaster. NK has two allies, China and Russia both of which do not want to see a unified Korea under American tutelage. America could not reinstitute the1950’s era of a United Nations command structure to face the North Korean’s because two seats on the Security Council would vote “No,” Russia and China and, we cannot do it alone, even with South Korea and Japan at our side!

All we could do would be to damage the country’s surface land features, hopefully without touching Chinese land next door. And, naturally the Chinese will use the situations as a combat training opportunity for their own commanders, learning US military’s combat techniques and force application all from the safety of their borders. They will test their own electronic counter measure abilities as well and then, where will we be?

A war with No. Korea, if it comes, will be an electronic war, with satellites, drones, missiles, maybe stealth airplanes, electronic guns, hacking and cyber attacks. We’re in a brave new world now and war is really not good for our economy like it once was. Indeed, it is the perfect damper to kill free trade and economic production. Remember, follow the money!

Right now, the US is dependent on the position of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Without that status the American economy is dead in the water. China has already positioned itself as a central pillar in global trade and could, if helped by a few other nations favorable to America’s demise, kill and replace the dollars reserve status very quickly. China has its own economic problems of course, but they pale to ours.

Economically, a war with North Korea would have nothing to do with the belligerence of North Korea or its nuclear program. It is a distraction. On the world stage it is a means to a greater end, one designed to financially weaken, destabilize and degrade America as the world’s one and only super power.

At the moment the American dollar still enjoys the favorable status as the world’s reserve currency. We could use it as a weapon except it all runs through the IMF and the world’s central banks, the very globalists that seeks the New World Order that our destabilization would bring.

This destabilization, turmoil and war, is the point where populations will rise up against populism, nativism and nationalism deem them unworkable as political solutions, demand peace at any price and beg them to fix it. If so, they will have won and the new ‘Dark Age’ that George Orwell foretold will have arrived.

In the end, there is little or nothing to be gained by pursuing a military confrontation with North Korea especially, on their terms. It could turn nuclear! If they shoot first, then all bets are off.

So we must ask ourselves who actually would gain from it? Are the world banks going to pick the winners and losers? If we follow the money, it can’t be good for America and it’s certainly not good for the world. So who needs a new world order anyway? Who wants it, and why? That is the ultimate question.

The Democrat Problem


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Their first problem is that after decades of change, from an American Political Party to a Marxist-Leninists one, they lost their American message, fumbled their election opportunities and have now even lost their ability to promote one. They don’t know who they really are.

If any party wants to be taken seriously in this post Trump, return to Americanism era, they had better field candidates who are worth a damn. The contest for Georgia’s 6th District, the seat vacated by Dr. Tom Price, Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, is an example. Out of no where, the Democrats, desperate to stay in the game, fielded a youthful John Ossoff, a film maker with a short work government history (shamelessly aggrandized), as a congressional aide to Georgia Rep., Hank Johnson, (yes, that Hank Johnson who asked a General Officer at a congressional hearing, if he, the General, wasn’t concerned the Island of Guam would “capsize” with the addition of a US Marine Brigade adding to the weight there?)

Do you remember the expression on the Generals face. Bewilderment! He would have been in his rights to politely excuse himself from the proceedings and quietly leave the room. The media quickly rallied with spin control telling us that’s not what he (Johnson) said (which he did) but meant something else and, after all, he meant well and should be forgiven. Possibly! I could accept that for one who’s highest level of education was to be the sixth grade, but not from a overpaid ignorant politician. Well, he is a Democrat after all!

Ossoff, on the other hand, can’t even vote in the district he wants to represent, but lives ten minutes away with his girl friend of twelve years, while she studies to be a doctor. He was flummoxed by an interviewer who challenged him on his residency then asked, about his girl friend of twelve years, “when are you going to marry her?” The silence was deafening!

Conservatives should attend Democrat rally’s for candidates challenging Conservatives incumbents and ask them, if you can, two questions: Do you, or do you not, support the Constitution of the United States of America? The answer invariably will be “Yes, I do!” The follow up question should then be: “Then why are you running as a Democrat? Then stand back and wait to be assaulted, verbally by the screamers or even physically by the knuckle dragging Neanderthals who often show up at conservative rallies and speeches.

Among other tools available to advance Progressive programs are the “shock troops”, of organized street thugs, i.e.: Black Live Matters, The New Black Panther Party, and even, occasionally, the Flower of Islam, Louis Farrakhan’s pseudo Islamic followers. Don’t forget the invaluable contributions by the snowflake populations that can be rallied from out of nearby colleges and universities. They’ll come for certain if they can earn extra credit in civics.

The Georgia 6th District contest is in limbo until June 20th. Ossoff, the only Democrat candidate didn’t get the 50% plus one vote to win outright as Democrats had hoped, despite spending several millions of dollars, while the Republicans, forming up in their usual circular firing squad, fielded eleven candidates, the top go getter being Karen Handle at 18%. She will win! All total, more Republican votes were cast then Democrat ones, so Junes runoff won’t be easy.

Republicans would do well to focus on the Democrats lack of an American message. They are Socialists and their ideas was tossed out in three successive American elections. So, make ‘em defend their progressivism, Make ‘em fight for it. Make it painful. But make it!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (19Apr17) - Dedicated to serve the needs of the community. Provide a source of real news-Dependable Information-Central to the growth and success of our Communities. Strive to encourage, uplift, warn, entertain, & enlighten our readers/viewers- Honest-Reliable-Informative.

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