BOC will hold redistricting meeting Thursday



WHITE COUNTY, Ga. — The White County Board of Commissioners will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, Jan. 13, at 8 a.m. in the Board Room at the White County Administration Building.

The purpose of the Public Hearing will be to receive citizen comment on the proposed redistricting of the White County Board of Commissioners and Board of Education based on the 2020 Census. The proposed district map is available at the White County Board of Commissioners Office or at

BOC will discuss re-districting during the first meeting of 2022


WHITE COUNTY, Ga. – The Board of Commissioners will consider approval of White County’s local re-districting county commission and board of education maps when it holds its first combined work session and regular meeting of the New Year Monday (Jan. 3) in the County Administration Building on Helen Highway at 4:30 p.m.

The Board will also consider approval of technology infrastructure upgrades including server refresh, replacement of network core switches and firewall replacement.

Faith Bryan of the Georgia Mountains Regional Commission will present information regarding White County’s challenge of the 2020 Census results.

The Board will also consider a land use application filed by Gregory Chastain to redistrict 7.09 acres at 250 Hogan Road in Cleveland from A-1 Agriculture Forestry to R-1 Residential single and a request by for a conditional use permit (CUP) for Ger Corcimiglia to redistrict 15.54 acres at 511 Lookout Ridge Road in Cleveland to be placed into the county’s short-term rental program.

Senate releases proposed Congressional Map, moves Clyde out of Ninth?

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proposed congressional map

ATLANTA – The proposed Senate Congressional Map, presented by Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan and Senator John F. Kennedy, Chairman of the Senate Redistricting and Reapportionment Committee, makes significant changes to the Ninth District.

The map places Jackson County in the Tenth District. Ninth Congressman Andrew Clyde (R-Ga) resides in Jackson County. If the proposed map passes, Clyde could no longer serve as the Ninth Representative.

The proposed map places Pickens County entirely in the Ninth District. Also, Forsyth County moves entirely into the Sixth District and out of the Ninth. Madison, Elbert, and part of Clarke shift into the Tenth District as well.

Northern Gwinnett becomes part of the Ninth District and out of the Fourth but remains in the Seventh and Tenth.
The Senate bill will now go to the house and then into conference.

Every 10 years, the legislature redraws district lines according to Census population data. The political future of the state often hangs in the balance. Currently, Republicans control the House and Senate in the General Assembly.

“It is clear that this map not only meets principles of redistricting, but we are proud to present a map that regardless of political party, Georgians can be proud of,” said Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan. “Ensuring that any maps we produce are fair, compact, and keep communities of interest together, will continue to be of upmost importance.”

“Even given the delay of official Census numbers, the Senate Redistricting Committee has diligently worked to ensure that we hear from citizens across all regions of the state,” said Chairman John F. Kennedy. “Looking at this map, it is obvious that Georgians have been heard, and will continue to be heard.”

Georgia has 14 U.S. House seats, 56 state senators, and 180 state house members. 2020 Census data placed 10.7 million people in Georgia. Districts should have an equal number of people across those U.S. House, state senate, and state house districts.

Lawmakers on the Joint Reapportionment Committee are responsible for developing the new district maps. Sometime later this fall, the General Assembly will convene a special session concerning redistricting in Georgia.

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