Lady Warriors Lose to West Forsyth in the Final Seconds

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For three quarters, the White County Lady Warriors dominated. However, the West Forsyth Lady Wolverines pulled off a miraculous comeback to win the game.

Bentley Cronic

The Lady Warriors were in control from the very start. It was a complete contrast to the close game last night, in which they lost to Lumpkin County. Maddie Futch was the leading scorer for White County with 16 points, as she was able to bully her way to the rim for easy baskets. Bentley Cronic also contributed 12 points to the effort. Meanwhile, Dasha Cannon scored 10 points coming off the bench. It was only one night ago that she left the game with an injury, yet she was able to contribute today.

White County ended the third quarter with a 48-26 lead over the Lady Wolverines. However, West Forsyth absolutely took over in the 4th quarter. They slowly decreased the deficit as the clock winded down. They hit an astonishing 7 three pointers in the quarter. Their last one made it a 55-58 game with under two minutes remaining. The Lady Warriors were unable to score on two possessions, both of which allowed West Forsyth to respond and take the lead.

With 15 seconds remaining, Dasha Cannon was fouled, and had a chance at the free throw line to perhaps give the Warriors the lead on a 1-and-1. However, she missed the first free throw, and West Forsyth got the rebound, and were able to run out the clock and win the game. The Lady Wolverines outscored the Warriors 33-10 in the fourth quarter. They scored more points in the 4th than they had in the previous three quarters combined.

For the Lady Warriors, they will have plenty of time to recuperate and improve on their mistakes before their next game. The next time they are in action is Friday, November 22nd, as they will be at home playing Habersham County.

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Warriors’ Boys Basketball Team Wins Opening Game vs. Lumpkin

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In a complete contrast of the girls game earlier in the night, the White County Warriors dominated Lumpkin County in their season opener.

Jadon Yeh rising up for a lay-up.

After a tight 1st quarter, the Warriors wasted little time pulling away from the Indians. They were down by one point at the end of the 1st quarter, losing 25-24. But it wouldn’t take long for the Warriors to assert their dominance. One of their biggest strengths of the night was the three point shot. They hit 12 three pointers tonight, and the effort was spread across multiple players.

However, the main story tonight was freshman Jadon Yeh. Yeh came into tonight’s game with a lot of hype, and he showed why the hype was real as the game progressed. He was able to make driving to the rim almost too easy as he made his way in for a couple of lay-ups. Also, he was responsible for two of the previously mentioned three pointers. He had 14 points at the half, and scored 25 in total.

A couple of familiar football names also came up big tonight on the hardwood. Silas Mulligan had 15 points, while Will Sampson had 7 points and was providing valuable leadership on the court. Another freshman also made a big impact for the Warriors tonight. Darius Cannon had 9 points and was playing great defense, something he was doing on the gridiron a week ago.

For the Warriors, they won tonight’s game by 19 points (92-73). This is a huge win for second year head coach Wade Mawdesley, as it gives his team momentum early. After only going 8-18 in his debut season, he will certainly look to improve upon that, and this win certainly doesn’t hurt. Their next game is Tuesday on the road against Tallulah Falls.

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White County Lady Warriors open season with Loss to Lumpkin County

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It was an eventful opening game of the season for the Lady Warriors, as they fell to Lumpkin County 73-66.

The White County Lady Warriors had an up and down season opener tonight. They spent the majority of the night playing from behind as Lumpkin started off hot on offense. They were up 19-13 at the end of the 1st quarter. However, as the game continued, it was a game of runs. White County would score a couple of points in a row, and then Lumpkin County would fire right back. However, as the game reached the 4th quarter, it quickly became a nail biter.

Dasha Cannon

The 3rd quarter ended with the Indians up by nine 54-45. They would extend their lead to 12, their largest lead of the night, and then the Warriors would come back. Dasha Cannon scored 5 straight points for the Warriors, and soon thereafter the deficit became only four points (62-58). Only a short time later, Cannon would leave the game with an injury. She was the leading scorer for the Warriors last season and tonight with 24 points. After Cannon’s departure, Maddie Futch would tie the game at 64. The Lady Indians would retake the lead, and then Bentley Cronic would score on a layup to tie the game at 66.

However, foul trouble would come back to be a detriment to the Warriors. The Lady Indians would score 7 straight points, 5 on free throws, to retake and keep the lead and win the game. Fouls were a big concern for the Warriors, as 8 of their players had 3 or more fouls tonight, giving Lumpkin County plenty of opportunities to score on free throws. They have a small amount of time to recover as they play against West Forsyth tomorrow at 3 PM.

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White County wins Monday against Union County, then loses Tuesday against Johnson

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The White County Warriors boys basketball team played two games in the Thanksgiving Shootout. They won on Monday against Union County, before losing to the Johnson Knights.

Reece Dockery (#5) goes up for a lay-up.

Reece Dockery (#5) goes up for a lay-up.

The boys started off their Thanksgiving Shootout on a high note. They defeated Union County 58-46 on the first day of action. This was a big win for the Warriors after losing in a blowout against South Forsyth on Saturday November 23rd. Tonight they played against the Johnson Knights. Johnson came into tonight’s game 0-4, but that didn’t stop them from putting up a fight early on. They got hot to start the game, leading 15-4 at one point. But the Warriors came back as the game progressed. They were only down 4 at the end of the 1st half (22-26). But once the third quarter began, they went on a 13-2 run to retake the lead.

However, the Knights kept fighting. They retook the lead midway through the fourth quarter, going on a 7-0 run. White County coach Wade Mawdesley had to call time to calm his players down. Unfortunately for the Warriors, it didn’t work as Johnson continued to fire away. They led by 6 with a minute remaining. Silas Mulligan was fouled while scoring on a layup to bring the deficit to 4. But he couldn’t hit the layup to make it a one possession game. Johnson would end up winning 56-48 for their first win of the season.

Will Sampson (#24) at the free throw line.

Will Sampson (#24) at the free throw line.

Both Will Sampson and Reece Dockery led the Warriors with 10 points each. Meanwhile, Jesse Haroin of the Johnson Knights led them with 19 points. While County’s next game is on Tuesday December 3rd against the Blessed Trinity Titans. For more updates on the White County Warriors, follow Team FYN Sports on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

Lady Warriors win Monday against North Hall, then lose Tuesday against Union County

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The White County Lady Warriors basketball team played two games in the Thanksgiving Shootout. They won on Monday against North Hall, before losing to Union County.

Dasha Cannon (#10) shoots a three pointer.

Dasha Cannon (#10) shoots a three pointer.

The girls played at home vs. Union County on day two of the Thanksgiving Shootout. Yesterday they played at North Hall against the Trojans, winning 46-39. Just like the majority of the games this season, Dasha Cannon and and Maddie Futch were the leading scorers. Cannon had 19, while Futch had 11. Tonight’s game was much closer. It started with the Lady Warriors missing three straight three pointers until Dasha Cannon hit one. Afterwards, the game was controlled by the Warriors, even though the game wasn’t pretty. They had trouble hitting shots early on, yet played great defense to keep the lead. This was until the third quarter, when the Lady Panthers took the lead again after going on a 6-0 run to start the quarter.

But after both teams traded baskets, the Lady Warriors would go on their own run to retake the lead. The Warriors led 42-35 going into the half. But Union County once again came back to take the lead, and then the Lady Warriors took it back. But with under 1 minute remaining, the Lady Panthers retook the lead after Kait McCarter hit a clutch layup inside, and hit 5 straight free throws afterwards to seal the win. 

Coach Jarvis Davenport talking to Maddie Futch (#11).

Coach Jarvis Davenport talking to Maddie Futch (#11).

Overall, the game was dominated by one player on each team. Ava Hunter of the Lady Panthers had an astounding 32 points. Meanwhile, Dasha Cannon lead the Lady Warriors with 21 points. The Lady Warriors next game is December 3rd at home against the Blessed Trinity Titans. This is the first game of region play for the Warriors this season. For more updates on the White County Lady Warriors, follow Team FYN Sports on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

White County boys lose after early surge from War Eagles

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It was a forgettable game for the White County Warriors, as they lost to the South Forsyth War Eagles by the score of 67-49.

Reece Dockery (#5) scoring to end the 23-0 run by South Forsyth.

The Warriors were the first to score as Cooper Turner drove in for a lay-up. However, this was the only time all night that the Warriors led. South Forsyth would respond, and the response was astounding. The War Eagles went on a 23-0 run immediately after Turner’s lay-up. A run of that size is staggering, and rarely seen in basketball. In comparison, the NBA record for the longest run is 29-0, done twice in almost 75 years. Amazingly, this run was not that far from a record at the peak of basketball, a true testament to how good South Forsyth was early in the game. Basket after basket, the Warriors hopes were fading, and fading quickly.

Eventually, the Warriors would get back on the scoreboard near the end of the first quarter. They were down 26-8 at the end of the quarter. Yet they still played hard as the game progressed. As a matter of fact, the second half of the game was pretty even, the Warriors outscoring South Forsyth by one point, going into halftime down 22-39.

The War Eagles were not done scoring yet.

Will Sampson (#24) at the free throw line.

South Forsyth would go on a run to start the second half. This was led by Devin McGlockton, who only played in the second half. However he would scored 10 of the War Eagles’ 16 points in the quarter. The War Eagles would end the third quarter up 55-32. The fourth quarter was simply a formality for both teams, as South Forsyth would cruise to the final buzzer.

Will Sampson was a bright spot for the Warriors tonight. He had his best game of the season, scoring 11 points. In comparison, he only had 9 points combined in the teams previous three games. He’ll look to have another good game on Monday as White County plays Union County at North Hall High School. For more updates on the White County Warriors, follow Team FYN Sports on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Lady Warriors lose in a nail-biter to South Forsyth

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Similar to their game against West Forsyth, the White County Lady Warriors would lead for the majority of the game before losing in the final seconds to the South Forsyth Lady War Eagles.

Dasha Cannon (#10) scoring 2 of her game high 24 points.

The first 24 minutes of playing time were controlled by White County. After a slow start, The Lady Warriors went on a 7-2 run late in the first quarter. That gave them a lead of 18-15 after one quarter of action. Dasha Cannon started off the game on fire, scoring 11 points in the opening quarter. White County continued to add on to their lead as the game continued, leading by as high as 13 early in the third quarter.

However, it was after this point when South Forsyth would come back. They would slowly decrease the deficit throughout the third quarter. By the time the third quarter buzzer sounded, they were only down 5, and had plenty of life left in them. Yet, the Lady Warriors would stay ahead. Dasha Cannon, Maddie Futch, and Naomi Crumley were the only ones to score for White County in the 4th. Dasha and Naomi had four points, while Maddie had five. All of their baskets were meaningful to the Warriors lead, a lead that would only last for so long.

The game would go down to the final seconds.

Maddie Futch (#11) attempting a shot to tie the game.

South Forsyth took the lead with under two minutes remaining after going on a 10-0 run. But Naomi Crumley would score on a floater to give the Lady Warriors a 62-61 lead. Yet the Lady War Eagles still had a chance to win. Sophie Rosin would hit a three-point shot with 3.1 seconds remaining to give South Forsyth the lead. White County head coach Jarvis Davenport would call a timeout and drew up a play to potentially tie or win the game. The play was Maddie Futch taking the inbound and driving inside attempting to send the game to overtime. However, Futch missed a shot inside at the end of the game, giving South Forsyth the win.

Dasha Cannon ended the game with 25 points, while Futch added 16 points.The Lady Warriors play their next game on Monday on the road against North Hall. For more updates on the White County Lady Warriors, follow Team FYN Sports on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


White County boys get back into win column after a late surge.


The White County Warriors went on a big run in the 4th quarter to defeat the Habersham Central Raiders 59-41.

Cooper Turner scored the Warriors first 5 points, only after they went scoreless in the first 5 minutes of the game. White County lead 10-6 after the 1st quarter. They went on a 10-0 run during the quarter, as the Raiders hit a three at both the beginning and end of the quarter. The Warriors went on a 9-0 run midway through 2nd quarter to extend their lead to nine points (20-11) after Habersham had tied the game earlier in the quarter. White County lead 24-15 at the half, and it seemed it was going to be an easy victory

Jadon Yeh (#4) rises up for a tough layup.

Although, the Raiders were not done yet. They reduced the deficit to three early in the quarter, firing up their home crowd. But White County fired back and brought their lead back up to eight. Silas Mulligan and Jadon Yeh hit big shots to give the momentum back their way. But Habersham Central went on another run to end the quarter. The Warriors only lead by three points (38-35) at the end of the third quarter. They were outscored in the quarter 20-14. To make things worse for the White County, Will Sampson fouled out midway through 3rd quarter. This forced the Warriors to play the remainder of the game without their senior big man.

White County came back strong to end the game.

Silas Mulligan (#3) lead the Warriors in scoring for the second straight game.

The Warriors went on 7-0 run to start the 4th quarter after Habersham brought deficit down to two points. Mulligan, Yeh, and Cooper Turner convert tough layups inside, with Yeh and Turner drawing fouls and Yeh converting the and-1. Mulligan hits a 3 to make it a 10-0 run, extending the Warrior lead to 12 (50-38) with 3:44 remaining in the game. The energy was out of the arena as the Warriors had all the momentum, and they ended the game on a 19-3 run. Silas Mulligan lead the Warriors with 23 points, while Cooper Turner had 16 points and Jadon Yeh had 10.

Unfortunately, just like the Lady Warriors, the boys have little time to rest. They play tomorrow at home at 7:30 against South Forsyth. For more updates on the White County Warriors, follow Team FYN Sports on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

TeamFYNSports Writer’s Player of the Week – Jesse Moose #24

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For the second time this season, Team FYN Sports is excited to announce Jesse Moose as the player of the week.

Jesse was an unstoppable force on defense tonight, and was a bright spot in an otherwise forgettable game. He had multiple sacks and tackles for loss throughout the game. Even when the Warriors were down as high as 28, he kept on making big plays. He also recovered another fumble, reminiscent of his heroics from earlier in the season.

Congrats to Jesse for once again being named Team FYN Sports’ Player of the Week for the White County Warriors.


White County Lady Warriors win for first time this season.

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Last Saturday, the Lady Warriors suffered a tough loss after leading for the majority of the game. Tonight while playing on the road, they handily defeated the Habersham Central Lady Raiders 54-48 for their first win of the season.

Dasha Cannon (#10) goes for a lay-up on the opening possesion of the game.

While they only won by six points, the White County Lady Warriors were in control all game long. They took the lead in the early seconds of the game, and didn’t look back. It started with Dasha Cannon scoring five straight points, and Bentley Cronic hitting a three afterwards for an early 8-0 run. However, the first quarter with end with Habersham only down two points (15-17) after a couple of baskets late. 

It was the second quarter where the Lady Warriors would take over. They went on a 7-0 run to extend their lead midway through the quarter. Bentley Cronic would score 8 of her 12 total points in the second, while Maddie Futch also scored 5 of her 15 total points in the same quarter. White County went into halftime leading 33-26, and their lead could have been larger had they not missed a couple of wide-open layups inside. 

Maddie Futch (#11)

The Lady Warriors held firm for the remainder of the game. Their biggest lead of the game was 10 points at the e end of the third quarter (47-37). Habersham Central were only able to reduce the deficit late as White County was simply trying to run the clock out. White County’s win on Friday brings them to 1-2 on the season. Unfortunately, they will have less than 24 hours to rest. They play at 6:00 tomorrow at home against South Forsyth.

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White County Warriors End Football Season in Defeat

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The White County Warriors end their season with a 35-6 loss at home against the Blessed Trinity Titans.

White County playing well early.

J. Ben Haynes in the pocket.

The White County Warriors started the game hot against their region rivals. They were playing with a bunch of heart early in the game on both sides of the ball. After turning the ball over on downs, the White County defense stepped up and forced a 3 & out. Later on, Andrew Pierce kicked a 25 yard field goal to give the Warriors a 3-0 lead early in the 1st quarter.

However, Blessed Trinity is one of the best teams in the state for a reason. They immediately fired back with a 61 yard rushing touchdown to retake the lead. The 1st quarter would end with the Titans leading 7-3. The second quarter was very close as well. The Titans and Warriors played very close, as neither team was willing to give an inch. The Titans drove down field on a long drive that resulted in a two yard rushing touchdown.

For the Warriors, J. Ben Haynes was making plays on his feet and through the air. Meanwhile, Cooper Turner and Will Sampson both gained significant yards with a couple of catches each and Zion McMullen and Riley Stancil were also both running the ball well. However, the Warriors could not convert their effort to touchdowns, as they had to settle for another field goal from Pierce as the 1st half ended with White County losing 14-6.

The Titans showed why they were the defending state champions in the second half.

Cooper Turner comes up with the ball after diving for a catch.

Blessed Trinity recuperated, and they came out of the locker room on fire. They didn’t take long to once again rush in for another touchdown. Meanwhile on defense, they began to put Haynes under significant pressure, causing the Warrior offense to struggle. The only player who was able to continuously keep the Titans on edge was Cooper Turner. Turner made a couple of big catches in the second half, and came close a couple of times to breaking loose and scoring.

Blessed Trinity would score two more times as the game winded down, winning the game 35-6. However, the Warriors should not be disappointed in the loss. They played with a lot of heart against a team has won the state championship two years in a row.

For the Warriors, the season is officially over.

White County will finish their season 5-5. After only winning three games last season, many people around the county were somewhat skeptical coming into the season. However, the Warriors consistently found ways to keep fighting and played even the toughest teams close. They had the win against Pickens County that will not be forgotten for years to come, while also picking up wins over key rivals Lumpkin and North Hall. With the GHSA reclassifying regions starting in 2020, it will be interesting to see how it affects the Warriors for years to come.

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Team FYN Sports Player of the Week – Riley Stancil #10

Player of the Week, Sports, Team FYN Sports

Team FYN Sports is excited to announce the Player of the Week for the White County Warriors – RB Riley Stancil. Stancil had his best game of the season for the Warriors in their victory over Chestatee.

Stancil made multiple big plays running the ball tonight, and was consistently gaining yards every time he ran the ball. With almost every carry, it took multiple War Eagle defenders to take him down. Stancil scored on both a rushing and receiving touchdown, giving him his first multi-touchdown game.

Congratulations to Riley for being selected as the Team FYN Sports player of the week for the White County Warriors!

White County Maintains Playoff Hopes with Victory.

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On a chilly night, the White County Warriors defeated the Chestatee War Eagles 34-14.

It was a slow start f0r both teams early on, as the game began with two straight three and outs. White County began to drive down field on offense, and were gaining momentum. However, their momentum was halted after they fumbled the ball in Chestatee territory. Chestatee continued to struggle on offense, as quarterback Christian Charles was having to make plays on his feet all night long.

Late in the first quarter, both teams were able to score on very similar plays, as the two quarterbacks (Christian Charles and J. Ben Haynes) were able to score on goal line rushing touchdowns, and the first quarter ended with both teams tied at 7.

Riley Stancil

White County took control in the second quarter.

The rushing attack for the Warriors was strong throughout the night. Haynes continued to scramble for positive yards as per usual, while Riley Stancil was also making big plays. Stancil scored a 7 yard rushing TD to give the Warriors a 7 point lead. Afterwards, the defense came up big as Reece Dockery had an interception to give the Warriors the ball back. Haynes lead the team downfield, but the offense was not able to score and had to punt. Chestatee once again turned over the ball as Jesse Moose forced a fumble. The Warriors drove downfield, and scored as J. Ben once again rushed in for a TD.

After another Chestatee punt, White County had another chance to score before the end of the 1st half. After an impressive one handed catch from Cooper Turner on a tipped pass, the Warriors had the ball on the goal line with under a minute remaining. However, Haynes threw an interception, ironically to Christian Charles, Chestatee’s quarterback who was playing defensive back as well. The first half ended with the Warriors leading 21-7.

The game was evenly matched in the second half, as the Warriors began to run down the clock.

On White County’s first offensive drive of the half, they once again made their way downfield. The drive ended with Haynes completing a pass to Stancil for a touchdown, improving the lead to 21. However, Chestatee fired back as Charles once again was making big plays on his feet, carving his way through the White County defense, and finally scored to make the score 28-14.

Both teams began to tread water as the game continued. Haynes fumble the ball on a drive midway through the 3rd quarter, and the offense never really made progress again until late. Meanwhile, the Warrior defense played great for the majority of the night, and they were at their best as the game continued. They eliminated any threat of a pass all night long, as they had their best passing defense game of the year. Also, Chestatee were not helping their chances with plenty of unnecessary penalties throughout the game.

Jaquez Williams making a tackle.

The Warriors pulled out the victory, and still have hope for the playoffs.

The game ended after Haynes once again scored for a rushing touchdown late. With the 34-14 victory, White County still has a chance to make the playoffs. However, they must defeat the Blessed Trinity Titans next Friday. This will be a tall task, as the Titans are one of the best teams in the state. They will be coming into next week’s game after defeating Marist 33-30 earlier tonight.

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Team FYN Sports Player of the Week – Will Sampson #27

Player of the Week, Sports, Team FYN Sports

The wide receiver had an impressive outing against Flowery Branch, earning him Player of the Week honors.

Tonight, Will Sampson had a return to form, finding a chance to showcase his talents throughout the night.

It’s been an up and down year for Sampson so far. He’s dealt with a couple on injuries so far, which has prevented him from getting the same playing time that he had last season. But tonight, he was a key player. He scored the first TD of the game for White County, finding himself wide open in the endzone on a 5 yard receiving TD. He was also making key receptions throughout the night, giving the Warriors chances to continue drives.

Congratulations to Will Sampson for being named Team FYN Sports Player of the Week.

White Co. boys basketball team suffers first loss of season

Sports, Team FYN Sports

After winning their opening game of the season, the White County Warriors lost tonight to the Tallulah Falls Indians.

It was a difficult night for the Warriors. They had to play from behind for the majority of the game. Tallulah Falls took an early lead, leading 20-12 at the end of the first quarter. White Co. reduced the deficit in the second quarter, even taking the lead at one point. However, the Indians would retake the lead and wouldn’t lose it for the rest of the game. Their biggest lead of the game was by 12 points, before winning by seven points (65-58).

Silas Mulligan at the free throw line.

Silas Mulligan at the free throw line.

The Warriors were on their back foot all game long. Only four Warriors scored tonight out of the 12 that are on the team.

Silas Mulligan lead the Warriors with 23 points.

Meanwhile, Jadon Yeh scored 12 points, Reece Dockery scored eight, and Cooper Turner scored 15. But as was previously mentioned, those were the only Warriors that scored.

Compare this to Friday night’s game where which nine different players scored. This was definitely an off night for the Warriors, and they’ll need to get their players involved more consistently throughout the season, especially when region play begins.

The White Co. Warriors will look to rebound from the loss as they play at Habersham County on Friday and at home against South Forsyth on Saturday. For more updates, follow Team FYN Sports on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


Team FYN Sports Player of the Week – Cooper Turner #5

Player of the Week, Sports, Team FYN Sports

This junior wide receiver made huge plays in the second half to keep the Warriors alive.

Team FYN Sports is excited to announce the Player of the Week for the White County Warriors – Cooper Turner.

The Junior WR continued the role he has been on with another standout performance. After starting out cold in the 1st quarter, Turner began to show out and consistently create space from defenders. He would score two touchdowns in the second half, giving him 4 touchdowns in the past two games. Also, he had multiple catches to keep drives alive and to gain momentum throughout the close game.

Multiple players deserve recognition as well tonight. Jesse Thomas was also making big plays on offense. Meanwhile, there was an assortment of White County defenders who were making key stops.

Congratulations to Cooper Turner for being selected as the Team FYN Sports player of the week for the White County Warriors!

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