Replacement Underway


Opinion by George McClellan:

We are in a “Catch-22” Situation. The grassroot voters, those Americans who now see clearly that we are losing our constitution, our culture and our country to proponents of bigger and bigger government, have also made it quite clear that the old, unbending, corrupt GOP, long in league with the Democrat Socialist party, is no longer relevant to today’s changing politics. If America is to survive as it once did, the old GOP must be replaced. The sooner the better.

If the GOP, either through skulduggery or by changing convention rules at the last moment, reneges on their pledge to support the Republican candidate, especially if it should be Trump or even Cruz simply to keep either of them out of contention, then for Trump all bets are off and he will feel no obligation to honor his pledge either.

The worst of it is that the GOP itself has thrown out the idea that it might form a 3rd party. What the heck are these people smoking? Apparently, the roots of fiscal criminality run so deep in Washington that the GOP would prefer a woman they can deal with over a conservative Republican they can’t. Does the GOP really want to destroy America?

The very idea of the odious Clinton crime family returning to the White House is too terrible to contemplate. When they departed eighteen years ago they felt compelled, obligated even, like the marauding Vikings of yore, to loot the place, steal the paintings and furniture, roll up the carpets and pry the “W” buttons off all computer and word processor keyboards. I suppose green astro-turf was no longer good enough for them.

I remember seeing photos of the trashed up White House office spaces Clinton’s acolytes left upon their departure before George W. Bush entered. The Democrats Progressive machine works with the efficiency of political Visigoths, claiming what they can, when they can and destroying everything else they can’t control.

Sunday, Mitt Romney was interviewed on the TV speaking heads shows, and basically repeated the hateful words of his pre-debate speech last week. Michigan voters interviewed since have almost as one, condemned Romney’s anti-Trump remarks and continue to pledge their support for the Donald. Romney is well behind the curve. Remember that Romney’s father was once Michigan’s governor and today, Romney’s sister is Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.

It is apparent that conservatives voters are no longer confused about who they will vote for, no one except it be Trump of Cruz. Both are quite acceptable. It is the party, now thrown into confusion and disarray because they cannot understand why Republican voters can’t or won’t understand that the party must stay politically moderate so the two main parties can govern together to “help the American people.” Well, how’s that been going for us?

Truly, that notion was abandoned decades ago, but they didn’t tell the base. Now that the base has figured it out, they don’t have an answer to simple questions like: why haven’t you defunded Planned Parenthood like you promised, why did you vote for the Omnibus Spending Bill and why haven’t you started the dismantling of Obamacare and the IRS? Instead, in the face of criticism, they now call their base, “uninformed, stupid, rednecks and worse.” It appears they have actually come to believe it. The blowhard John McCain with his bag carrier Lindsay Graham, and now Mitt Romney, complete the trifecta of idiocy that is disguised as conservative leadership. Don’t forget to throw in Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan as well.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (7 Mar 2016)


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