Fitzpatrick to Run for 9th District Congress


My name is Roger Fitzpatrick and I’m running to represent Georgia’s 9th congressional District. I’m running because many of the voters are disappointed with Doug Collins, our current representative. I’m running because Mr. Collins has made decisions contrary to the promises he made 4 years ago and has placed votes in violation of the Constitution the swore to protect and defend.

For far too long, America has been going down a path contrary to the principles
upon which this nation was founded. For far too long, decisions have been made
which severely hamper this country’s ability to attain a level of greatness never
before seen in the history of the world. For far too long, compromise has been the
order of the day. For far too long, many of those in Congress have had the attitude of
“go along to get along.” For far too long, many who have run on a conservative
platform, once getting elected, have, at least in part, abandoned those conservative
principles and have placed votes in violation of sound Constitutional standards. For
far too long, many in Congress have made decisions based on what is best for a
select few rather on what is best for “We the People.”

No more going down the wrong path. No more making decisions contrary
to sound Constitutional Conservative principles. No more compromising on
decisions today that will have detrimental effects on generations to come. No more
listening to special interests. No more making decisions that diminish America’s
ability to be a bright, shining city on a hill. No more policy-making that in the least
way prevents the United States of America from being the bastion of freedom it was
created to be.

Now is the time for change. Now is the time to fight for America. Now is the time to
elect principled men and women, people of integrity to positions of public service at
all levels throughout this land. Now is the time to stand up to the political “insiders” and the political “establishment” and do what is right because it is the right thing to do. Now is the time for the people of Georgia’s 9th Congressional District to elect someone who is a true Constitutional Conservative. Now is the time to vote for and elect Roger Fitzpatrick as the next Congressman to represent Georgia’s 9th District.

If elected, I will serve with integrity, basing every decision on the following rubric:
1) Does the legislation before me violate the Word of God in any way;
2) Does it violate the Original Intent of the Constitution;
3) Do we need it;
4) Can we afford it?

I pledge to protect and defend the Constitution, this nation, and the people of this
nation with everything within me. I ask for your vote and support.

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