Upcoming Winter Events Dec & Jan at NGWP

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Upcoming Tentative Winter Hours & Events for North Georgia Wildlife Park & Safari Drive Thru

December & January Hours: Saturdays 11am-3pm. (We may be adding in Sundays, will announce if we do so)

We will also be open for Winter Break December 19th-Jan 6th, daily from 11-3pm (Closed Christmas Eve & Day)

Our Safari Drive Thru will also be open for the same hours as above.

Upcoming Winter Events:

Wolf Experience Saturdays by Reservation Only.  Meet 1- 2 of the wolves up close. Learn, experience and interact with some of the wolves at North Georgia Zoo. Assist with training and enjoy taking photos!

Safari Santa: Every Saturday in December- by Reservation Only $10 per child+Safari Drive Thru Admission. (only available at the Safari Park Drive Thru) Reserve your visit with Safari Santa! Comes with cookies, milk, candy cane hunt and an animal guest experience!

Winter Break Fun December 19th- January 6th Experience the zoo in the winter! Bundle up the family and enjoy a day out at the zoo or head over to our Safari Drive Thru.

Tree Toss December 26th-January 6th from 11-3pm Curious about what the animals do with their recycled trees? Come join us and see for yourself! They love dragging them, eating them, rubbing on them, tearing them up, and much more! Great Fun and Enrichment for both animal and human kind!

Open MLK Weekend January 16th-18th from 11-3pm


Night of the Living Safari Press Release


As a way of saying “Thank You” to their community and supporters, the North Georgia Safari Park and White County Fire Station #6 are co-hosting the “Night of the Living Safari”, a drive-thru trick or treat experience. The event will take place Friday and Saturday, October 30th and 31st, 4:00pm-7:00pm. Here’s the best part – it’s FREE!

You will experience dozens of exotic animals as you drive through the Safari Park – zebra, camels, water buffalo, bison, wart hogs and more.  In addition, you’ll receive treats from costumed staff and volunteers along the way. It’s a fun, COVID-safe and unique way to experience Halloween.

Due to anticipated crowds, reservations are required. This will make for a better experience for all guests. Reservations may be made online at https://www.northgeorgiazoo.com/night-of-the-living-safari.html

This free event is possible due to the generosity of many individuals and businesses that are helping sponsor the event.

Donations to the park are appreciated. These will be used to help the park continue to care for and feed the animals during this COVID season.

So put on your costume, get your trick or treat bag, and join the fun at Night of the Living Safari! North Georgia Safari Park is located at 2912 Paradise Valley Road, Cleveland, GA. Visit their website at www.myfavoritezoo.com for more information.

Sponsor Night of the Living Safari!

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Meet Nigel the Nyala



Introducing Nigel, the newest resident at the North Georgia Wildlife Park! Nigel is a “nyala”, a type of antelope from southern Africa. When full grown, Nigel may weigh as much as 300 pounds, and have beautiful spiral horns. But right now, he’s just a cute little baby with white stripes on his sides. He is as gentle as he is beautiful and is already used to people.

When Nigel was born, he had some difficulties. His mother rejected him, and he was not able to nurse. But Hope Bennett, co-owner of North Georgia Wildlife Park, loves a challenge. She brought Nigel to the Park and began to bottle feed him several times each day. It was not long before he began to perk up, and today is he a healthy young nyala.

You can meet Nigel on our Safari Drive Thru, or on our Sunset Safari Tour. Visit www.ngwpark.com for more info and to make your reservations. North Georgia Wildlife Park is located at 2912 Paradise Valley Road in Cleveland, GA.

Pavilion Rentals & New Exhibits coming to Safari Drive Thru


New-Pavilion Rental!

Looking to gather with your family but still needing to social distance? NGWP offers a great option! The pavilion is great for large gatherings, it is 30 by 60 ft which allows groups to gather while still being able to keep at distance. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of NGWP while you get some much needed fellowship.

Our Pavilion can be rented for $250 for up to 2 hours, $50 for each additional hour. Included with the rental fee is Safari Drive Thru passes for up to 20 people. For more info call 706-348-7279



When COVID-19 began to take hold in Georgia, like many businesses, the North Georgia Wildlife Park was forced to become creative. That’s when the Safari Drive Thru was born! This is an experience that allows families to enjoy dozens of animals while practicing social distancing from the safety of their own automobile.

The Drive Thru was an immediate success, and literally thousands of people have experienced it since it began.

Hope Bennett, (co-owner/co-director of the Park), however, is not one to rest on her past success. Hope explains, “It’s time for us to take the Safari Drive Thru to the next level. So, this fall we will be adding new animals, new interactive exhibits, and special drive thru experiences for Halloween and Christmas! Stay tuned because the best is yet to come!”


The North Georgia Wildlife Park is located at 2912 Paradise Valley Road in Cleveland, GA. You can learn more about the park and all it offers at its website, www.ngwpark.com.

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