Raffensperger wins nomination for Secretary of State

Election 2018

Blue Ridge, Ga. – Brad Raffensperger has defeated David Belle Isle in the July Runoff Election.

Raffensperger and Belle Isle vied for the Republican nomination to seek the seat of Georgia Secretary of State. The Secretary of State seat is open with no incumbent as current Secretary of State Brian Kemp moves forward in the gubernatorial race.

With all 159 counties reporting, Raffensperger was able to receive 61.76 percent of the vote while Belle Isle fell short only receiving 38.24 percent.

Raffensperger will move forward to the November General Election where he will face Democratic nominee John Barrow.




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Hill says he would beat Cagle in a runoff

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Hunter Hill (right) talks with Chamber of Commerce President Robb Nichols.

DAHLONEGA, Ga. — Former U.S. Army Ranger and Georgia State Senator Hunter Hill predicted Wednesday he would defeat Lt. Governor Casey Cagle in a runoff for the state’s highest office.

About 30 people greeted Hill when his “Battle-Tested Leadership Bus Tour” RV pulled in at Smokin’ Gold BBQ on Main Street. Hill took time to greet everyone individually and answer their questions before making a brief speech.

Considered one of Georgia’s most conservative lawmakers during his five years in the state senate Hill said, he decided to run for governor when he realized, “there is so much more we can do to move the conservative agenda forward in Georgia.”

Hill told the crowd that his vision for Georgia included eliminating the state income tax, ending sanctuary cities, limiting the size of government, passing a religious freedom act and empowering parents to have more choice when it comes to the education of their children.

In addition to Hill and Cagle, the other Republicans running for governor are Secretary of State Brian Kemp, State Senator Michael Williams and former Navy SEAL Clay Tippins.

Deal visited Clarkesville Wednesday morning where he said winning the race for governor without a runoff would be mathematically impossible.

Asked to respond, Hill said, “Sixty-five percent of the folks are looking for an alternative to (Cagle). Casey is weak because Casey is a career politician. People are tired of the status quo and career politicians who talk like Ronald Reagan but govern like Barack Obama.”

Should Hill and Cagle meet in a runoff, Hill said, “I want the support of the other candidates in the primary but really I want the support of those who voted for them. In a runoff I believe we could coalesce that support. I believe the educated voters who pick Williams, Tippins or Kemp will naturally gravitate to us and we will win a runoff.”

A graduate of West Point, Hill served three tours on active duty in Afghanistan and Iraq and received two Army Commendation Medals, the Meritorious Service Medal and the Bronze Star.

During the most recent reporting cycle, Cagle had raised about $4 million followed by Kemp with $2.9 million and Hill with $2.7 million.

“I remain convinced that it’s not all about money,” Hill said. “It’s about getting your message out. Our message is a true conservative vision for Georgia. We don’t have to have as much money as the political class, the establishment and the career politicians. We’ve already been outspent 3 to 1 by the other candidates and here we are in a strong second and closing the gap on Cagle.”


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Duncan wins tightest race in July Runoff

Election 2018

Blue Ridge, Ga. – Geoff Duncan narrowly beats out David Shafer in the July Runoff Election.

In what was by far the closest race to take place during the runoff, Duncan beat out Shaffer by a mere 1672 votes. In some precincts across the state this race showed wins by a margin of only 2 votes.

Duncan and Shafer vied for the Republican nomination to seek the seat of Georgia Lt. Governor. The Lt. Governor seat is open with no incumbent as current Lt. Governor Casey Cagle chose to throw his name in the hat for the Republican nomination in the gubernatorial race.

With all 159 counties reporting, Duncan was able to receive 50.15 percent of the vote while Shafer fell short receiving 49.85 percent.

Duncan will move forward to the November General Election where he will face Democratic nominee Sarah Riggs Amico.

Casey Cagle’s Reprehensible Acts, The Michael Williams Press Conference that missed the Target

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“The Die Has Been Cast”

Swing and a miss, strike two.  State Senator Michael Williams now has two strikes against him with the media in his quest to be the next Governor of Georgia.

Williams’ first strike was at the State GOP convention when he announced in a speech that a member from  Lt. Governor Casey Cagle’s campaign team approached him backstage and offered him a deal to get out of the Governor’s race.  In his speech at the GOP convention Williams claimed in front of 1500 people that he was offered the Chairmanship of the Appropriations Committee if he would get out of the race.  He never named the individual with Cagle’s team who made the offer in the backroom deal.  An accusation with no name leaving the media hanging. Strike one.

Williams’ press conference last Thursday at the Capitol was strike two.

Williams sent out an invite last Wednesday announcing a press conference he would be holding at the Capitol Thursday afternoon. The invitation stated he would be revealing the reprehensible acts of Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.

The press conference was scheduled for 2PM and Williams was 30 minutes late.  The press conference only lasted twelve minutes.  I attended this press conference and from memory the only thing I got out of it was ‘campaign Casey, a member of Casey Cagle’s team, offered him a committee chairmanship to get out of the race.  Angered that Cagle may have out maneuvered him on minimum wage for Sheriff deputies, Willams directly asked Cagle to get out of the race and something about “tying shoes”.

The media pressed Williams to give the name of who from Cagle’s team offered him the chairmanship. Williams’ only response was, ‘not at this time.’  I asked him the final question of the press conference, “did you not say that it was a member of Cagle’s team?” Williams said, “correct.”  And I asked, “and you’re not prepared to give us who that is”?  Williams: “no”.  Williams then told everyone to have a nice day and walked off taking no more questions.  

Williams held up a copy of SB 254 entitled: Minimum annual salary for each deputy appointed by each Sheriff; provide; Local Law Enforcement Officer Compensation Commission.  

Senators Greg Kirk and Josh McKoon co-sponsored the bill along with Williams.  Williams claims that Cagle is the reason the bill went nowhere during the past legislative session.  Maybe Williams thought this would be his strongest campaign issue. This could show he is the true friend of law enforcement in the campaign.

In May Cagle announced along with Greg Kirk the Compensation of Police and Sheriffs Task Force.  Statement released by the Lt. Governor’s office, “The service and dedication of our law enforcement officials is nothing short of heroic,” said Lt. Governor Cagle. “We must make every effort to ensure local compensation packages are both competitive and fair to those who protect and serve. COPS will help local governments identify ways to maximize their support for the men and women who bravely protect our communities and neighborhoods.”

Kirk, one of Williams’ co-sponsors gone and with the other Josh McKoon running for Secretary of State he may not have any backup concerning his claim that Cagle killed the bill.

Recently Cagle commented about a possible sheriff deputy minimum wage.  He has not gone into any detail though.

This week is the Sheriffs’ Association’s Summer Conference where each candidate will get a chance to address the Association.  

Brian Kemp, Hunter Hill, Michael Williams and Casey Cagle will have their chance to make their pitch.  You can forget this week which one is the true conservative, cause this week all you will hear is ‘I am the true friend of law enforcement’, {no} ‘I’m the true friend of law enforcement,’ {no}  ……

My suspicion is that the Sheriffs’ Association will support whomever they think will be best able to get something done for them when it comes to minimum wage for deputies.  If that turns out to be Cagle then that may mean  Williams has been totally out maneuvered on the issue and SB 254 could turn out to be, as a campaign issue for Williams, no more than good initiative/poor judgment.

You can understand Williams’ frustration.  If Cagle gets almost every Sheriff in the state to actively campaign for him that is big.  Really big.  Maybe that is the ‘reprehensible’ act.

But, Williams’ shoe tying comment directed toward Casey Cagle was a ‘low blow’ no pun intended.  Williams experienced several personal attacks especially during his first State Senate race.  The rumors are already flying and emails being sent concerning Williams’ past.  Maybe Williams’ comment was a subtle warning not to go personal.  It’s disappointing this early in the campaign that things are taking a dirty turn rather than  staying focused on the issues.

The voters of Georgia may want to hear about issues like casino gambling, rural economic development, tax reform, healthcare, infrastructure…… not who can tie their own shoes.

I feel Williams’ gets one more strike with the media.  I can only speak for myself.  If he calls another press conference I will attend. Williams has to make good on his claims of reprehensible acts by Cagle soon or that will be strike three and he will lose his credibility. It’s a long time until election day and Williams will need the media to take him serious to help get his message out.

Kemp and Hill have not commented on the Williams’ attacks of Casey Cagle.  They both seem to be able to keep their campaigns focused on the issues and not the dirt for the time being.  Odds are they will have to join the mud pit before the race is over.

Michael Williams was the first Georgia politician holding a state office to support Donald Trump for President.  Williams is attempting to run a Donald Trump-style campaign.  There’s only one problem, he is not Donald Trump.

Trump never held public office. He had no legislative voting track record.  He could run against Washington D.C. and the Media.

Williams has a State Senate voting record. During his first two years in the State Senate his voting record looks like he was working well with the Republican Establishment.  His third year looks more like someone preparing to run for governor.

I am not questioning Williams’ conservative credentials, just the direction his campaign is headed.  If you going to demand Casey Cagle  get out of the race, it’s time to give the reason why with the facts.




Interview with Georgia Governor Candidate (R) Michael Williams

State & National

27th District State Senator, Michael Williams did a phone interview with us this morning. Senator Williams is a Georgia Governor Candidate and came on to talk to us about why he wants to run for Governor. Senator Williams describes himself as a “fearless conservative”. He was the first elected official to endorse Trump and says he supports President Trump even more today. BKP talks to him about his stance on casinos in Georgia, taxes, the 2nd Amendment, and more. See/hear the full interview below.


Sen. Williams Discusses Run for Governor at Lanier Tea Party Meeting Thursday


Sen. Michael Williams discusses education with retired school teacher at Tea Party meeting.

GAINESVILLE, Ga. – Three years ago, a brash young Cumming businessman with no political experience and very little name recognition announced his campaign against one of the most powerful senators in the state of Georgia. People in his Forsyth County district thought he was crazy.

“They laughed,” he said. “You remember that,” he reminded a familiar face in the audience at Thursday’s Lanier Tea Party Patriots meeting where Williams was the featured speaker.

Undeterred, he began showing up at Tea Party meetings, GOP meetings, anywhere a crowd would gather and he told people, “I’m Michael Williams and I’m going to be your state senator.” Folks who had never heard of him couldn’t believe he had the audacity to challenge a long-term incumbent senator like Jack Murphy.

“But we went out there and worked our tail off, knocked on about 20,000 doors and I spent about $300,000 of my own money,” he said. Against all the odds, he not only won, he won big, earning 66 percent of the vote.

“The establishment did everything they could to stop me, to discredit me,” he recalled. But Williams was not be denied.

A year after his election, he was ready to spring another surprise on Georgia voters. Once again, he went against all the odds, all the pundits and all the pollsters and became the first elected official in the state to endorse Donald Trump for president. He not only endorsed the soon-to-be president, he became co-chair of Trump’s Georgia campaign.

The two men actually have a lot in common. Both are successful businessmen. Both are fed up with the status quo in American and Georgia politics. Both believe over-regulation hurts business and kills jobs. Both support massive tax reform and both are anti-establishment.

Williams said it took him just one general assembly session to realize the process for passing a bill into law in Georgia is fatally flawed. “I knew it would take someone who was not willing to work inside that process to change things. You have to work outside the process and bust it wide open.”

Which is part of the reason Williams decided to run for governor.

“We’ve had a Republican governor for 16 years. We’ve had a Republican-controlled House and Senate for over a decade. But what truly conservative legislation have we passed? We’ve had all the power for over a decade so we could have gotten done anything, anything we wanted to get done. So why wasn’t it been done? It’s the process the bills have to go through. If you could see that process, you would be infuriated.”

Williams wants to end the state income tax like Florida and other states have done.

“That would be a big win for Georgia. I would also like to freeze the budget. Let me elaborate on how we can do that.”

Georgia has a state auditor that audits internal controls of state agencies annually and the agencies are failing miserably, he explained. “In Georgia, we’re getting ‘qualified opinions’ across the board. If a public company were to get a qualified opinion, its stock would crash and its executive team would be immediately fired. Immediately fired! Our internal controls are failing miserably. They’re spending money and can’t track it. They’re buying all kinds of equipment and don’t know where it goes.

“I’m a CPA and you can believe I’m going to be in these agencies setting up internal controls so we know what’s going on. Imagine the money we will save when we actually know where it’s going.”

Williams wants a state school board elected by the people not appointed by the governor.

“Instead of a bill that says the state will take over failing schools, thus adding government on top of more government, let’s give it to the people. Instead of the governor appointing school board members let’s pass a bill that says the people get to vote on them.

Asked about a religious freedom bill, Williams said he supports such a bill and would like to reach out to all the opposing groups to figure a way that we feel like we’re protected and they feel like they’re not discriminated against.

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Sen. Williams to Discuss Run for Governor at Tea Party Patriots Meeting Thursday


State Sen. Michael Williams (R-Cumming)

GAINESVILLE, Ga. – Gubernatorial candidate and first-term state Senator Michael Williams (R-Cumming) will be the featured speaker at the Lanier Tea Party meeting at the Gainesville Civic Center Thursday (June 15) at 7 p.m.

An ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, Williams was the first elected official in Georgia to endorse Trump’s candidacy and later became co-chair of the Trump campaign in Georgia.

Those who know Williams best were not surprised by his early endorsement of the New York billionaire. The two men have a lot in common.

Williams is a very successful businessman in his own right who once owned a chain of 18 Sports Clips franchises. Also like Trump, Williams has a complete disdain for political correctness and believes establishment Republicans have failed conservatives.

On his website williamsgeorgia.com, he points out that “Georgia has had a Republican Governor for almost 16 years with a Republican controlled House and Senate for over a decade. Yet we have not passed basic conservative legislation. We have yet to pass Tax Reform, School Choice legislation, Constitutional Carry, Spending Cuts, and many other bedrocks of the Republican Party. This will end under Governor Williams – more results, less talk. No excuses!”

Williams platform includes:

  • Elimination of the state income tax to be replaced by a state sales tax similar to that in Florida;
  • Term limits for all statewide elected office holders;
  • Keeping casinos out of Georgia;
  • Passing a religious freedom law.

Williams is a first-term senator and CPA who is secretary of the Banking and Financial Institutions Committee, chairman of the Appropriations sub-committee on Fiscal Management and General Government and a member of the committees on Appropriations, Ethics, Finance and Public Safety.

Fetch Your News is a hyper local news outlet that covers Dawson, Lumpkin, White, Fannin, Gilmer, Pickens, Union, Towns and Murray counties as well as Cherokee County in N.C. If you would like to follow up-to-date local events in any of those counties, please visit us at www.fetchyournews.com

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