State Rep. Matt Gurtler: District election gained National attention


HIAWASSEE, Ga. – Local State House Represenative Matt Gurtler plans to reintroduce his departmental budget bill in Atlanta, pressing for an accountable budget process to curb what he considers imprudent spending, by stipulating that each of the 49 government agencies involved should function on their own respective merits.

“With so much at stake, we must always be conservative with our money and the budget is the heart of where wasteful spending lies,” Gurtler explained, “Currently, Georgia’s budget process is much like what we see in Washington D.C. with an omnibus budget where everything is lumped together, and members are pressured to vote ‘yes’ regardless of all the bad subsidies or handouts in the budget. My department budget bill is the common sense solution to bring real conservative change to Georgia’s tax and spending problem.”

Matt Gurtler

Representative Matt Gurtler

In addition, Gurtler asserted his view on government policies, stating that American values and principles are compromised as a result of the growing size, scope, and intrusiveness of government. “Not enough statesmen are saying ‘no’ to the federal government when we have the perfect right to refuse big goverment polices,” Gurtler expressed, “The 13 states, through a constitutional convention, came together and created the federal government, and delegated how the government should operate in a free society. A Constitutional Republic with democratically elected leaders was the platform. A Republic was the solution, ‘if we can keep it’ as Benjamin Franklin stated at the close of the Constitutional Convention in 1787. Not a monarchy, not a theocracy, not a democracy, but a republic of law and order. Since the states created the United States, their powers supercede that of the federal government, and they made sure to codify this arrangement in our tenth amendment in regard to reserved powers.”

In reference to upcoming speaking engagements at the Young Americans for Liberty National Convention, and before the National Liberty Coalition in Washington D.C., Gurtler says he looks forward to sharing his values and principles with like-minded patriots, and discussing the obstacles conquered during his recent re-election campaign. State leaders heavily funded and heartily rallied for Gurtler’s challenger in a foiled attempt to oust the ultra-conservative representative from District 8.

“Our election gained national attention, and now it’s becoming a national case study of how and what the establishment will do in the hopes of defeating real conservatives,” Gurtler stated, “I couldn’t be more proud of our community for standing beside me, and it just shows what kind of politician the people are seeking to represent them.”

Gurtler represents the citizens of Towns, Rabun, Union, and White County at the State Capitol.

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