White County awarded Broadband Ready Community Certificate


WHITE COUNTY, Ga. – Kathy Papa of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs presented the Georgia Broadband Ready Community Certificate to the White County Board of Commissioners at Monday’s regular meeting.

Papa said, “This is a great opportunity to recognize White County for taking steps to incorporate broadband into your comprehensive process, eliminate obstacles, at the local level and acknowledge and demonstrate it takes local leadership to meet an ongoing need. The broadband designation reflects White County’s commitment to improving the reliability speed and capacity for businesses, residents and visitors to the county.”

Director of Community and Economic Development John Sell, who worked on drafting a broadband ordinance, said, “We are willing to work with providers to simplify the process of permitting and inspection of any buildout of our infrastructure. Sell added that the community is in the process of applying for state and federal dollars and the certificate would give White County an advantage over other counties that are not broadband ready.

Commissioners also approved a request by Trent Hillsman, Special Agent in Charge of the GBI and Appalachian Drug Enforcement Office (ARDEO) to apply for the $500,000 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant (JAG). No funds are provided from the county’s general fund for the grant.

The Board also approved a three-year contract with Dell Marketing L.P. for Microsoft volume licensing in the amount of $34,429.


White County will receive Broadband Ready Community Certificate Monday



WHITE COUNTY, Ga. – A representative of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs will present the Georgia Broadband Ready Community Certificate to the Board of Commissioners when it meets in regular session Monday at 4:30 p.m. in the County Administration Building on Helen Hwy.

Commissioners also will consider approval of the 2021 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant application submission by the Appalachian Regional Drug Enforcement Office.

The Board is also expected to consider approval of the contract with Dell Marketing, L.P. for Microsoft volume licensing.

Finance Director Jodi Ligon will present the monthly financial status report.


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