Lt. Governor Candidate Butch Miller talks election integrity and his opponent

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Butch Miller

ELLIJAY, Ga – State Senator and Lt. Governor Candidate Butch Miller (R-GA) continues not to mince words regarding election integrity, Georgia issues, and his primary challenger State Senator Burt Jones (R-GA).

When asked why Trump believes Miller wouldn’t work with fellow Republicans on the election issue, Miller stated he believed someone “poisoned the well.”

Miller and Trump met several times at The White House and in Atlanta. Miller believed they had a great relationship previously.

“The face of the matter is, someone gave President Trump erroneous information for their own benefit. I don’t know who it was. It’s not important who it was. The fact of the matter is, Butch Miller did everything morally legal and ethically possible to support the President.”

He added he didn’t hold any hearings, but he implemented the law and promised to continue to follow the law.

Miller supported the Trump tax policies and the family leave act and stated he applied similar family leave policies at the state level in 2016.

Miller created the election letter to Fulton County, and 26 state senators signed the letter. He promised to continue to push in that area. Jones didn’t sign the letter.

“You can’t lead from the backbench. You’ve got to lead going forward,” Miller said. “When voters look at my legislative record, my accomplishments, my character, my work ethic, I think Butch Miller will come out on top.”

Miller also addressed the performance audit process in SB 202, which came from SB 79 that Miller authored. A performance audit allows the state to review election processes if a county’s elections office has a history of errors or complaints. The chain of custody of ballots, access, ballot acceptance, and ballot processing are reviewed under this process. Individual ballot inspection isn’t a part of the process. Fulton County’s undergoing a performance audit.

“We’ve got to drive this bus looking through the windshield, not in the rearview mirror,” Miller said. “We’ve got to have confidence in our electoral process. If we do not have confidence, first you lose in the electoral process, then you lose confidence in the monetary system, and then you end up being a Venezuela.”

He added that Georgians need to know that their vote counts, and no one can cancel it out.

Watch the entire interview below:

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