Trump endorses Burt Jones for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia

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JACKSON – Today, September 2, 2021, President Donald J. Trump endorsed conservative candidate Burt Jones for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia.

Both Trump and Jones have shared and forwarded the endorsement to numerous media outlets. Jones’ campaign also attached a statement saying, “In 2016 and 2020, Burt served as President Trump’s campaign co-chair in Georgia, and he was the first elected official in Georgia to endorse the President. As President Trump’s endorsement proves, Burt is the only candidate in the race for Lieutenant Governor who will safeguard and advance the America First agenda, fight for election integrity, and deliver results for hardworking Georgians.”

JonesTrump’s endorsement stated: “State Senator Burt Jones is a Conservative warrior running for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. No on has fought harder for Election Integrity than Burt, and no state needs it more. A businessman and Patriot, Burt will always stand for America First, and will help bring back Energy Independence, a Stronger Border, Low Taxes, Great Education, and Safe Cities. He will also get to the bottom of the Nov. 3 Presidential Election Scam. Burt Jones has my Complete and Total Endorsement. He will not let the great people of Georgia down!”

In an email statement today, Burt Jones responded by saying, “I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of President Donald J. Trump in my campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. I am the only person in my race who has had the President’s back from day one, and it’s an honor to have his full support. As Lieutenant Governor, I will work to advance the President’s America First agenda and continue to grow our economy, improve our schools, secure our elections, and keep Georgia safe. I look forward to traveling the state and meeting with the good people of Georgia as we work toward a big win in November 2022.”


Rick Kelley picks up key endorsement, has big lead in fundraising


WHITE COUNTY, Ga. – Rick Kelley  picked up a major endorsement last week when retiring Sheriff Neal Walden threw his support behind his former captain to become the next Sheriff of White County.

In making the announcement, Walden said, “Rick has devoted his entire 17 year law enforcement career to serving the citizens of White County. He has worked his way up the ranks from jailer in the detention center, civil division, patrol division and criminal investigation division. As a division commander, he has been involved in the budget process for the operations of the Office of Sheriff.”

Kelly said he is proud to have Walden’s support. “That’s a big endorsement. I’ve had the privilege of working with him for 17 years. He did a good job and he laid the groundwork for whoever follows him.”

Kelley is in a race with Aaron Autry, Jeffery Ramey, John Murphy and Will Garrett for the right to succeed Walden who, after 28 years as sheriff, announced he will retire at the end of the year.

There is more good news for the Kelley campaign. The latest campaign contribution disclosure report (CCDR) shows that he has a substantial lead in fundraising. Kelly, has received $31,850 in contributions and has spent $22,277.

Second in fundraising is Alan Autry, who has raised $7,100 and spent $6,743.28. John Murphy has a negative balance on hand, having collected $6,500 and spent $6,684.51. Jeff Ramey’s contributions total $3,729.23 and expenditures $3,479.23. Will Garrett has received $2,130 and spent $1,942.28



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Congressman Ferguson endorses Doug Collins for Senate

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WEST POINT, GA – Congressman Drew Ferguson (R-GA) today became the first member of Georgia’s congressional delegation to endorse a candidate in the race to fill the seat formerly held by Senator Johnny Isakson.

Ferguson, who represents Georgia’s 3rd Congressional district, also serves as Chief Deputy Whip on the House GOP leadership team.

In a statement, Ferguson said:

“When Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and their crazy entourage went after the President, we didn’t have to wonder where Doug Collins stood.  He was on the front lines as the President’s number one defender in the entire country. He did the President and the country a great service and his arguments carried the day.

We knew with absolute certainty where Doug stood from day one and we know with the same certainty where he will stand in the future.  That certainty is critical in these challenging times.

Doug is a proven leader — a steady hand in tough times.  He knows what it takes to lead. Right now, we have lives and businesses and an economy to save and we don’t need anything to take our focus off of that mission.

Georgia Republicans need to unify behind Doug and leave the distractions and uncertainty of other candidates in the rearview mirror.

Doug Collins is my friend and he’s done a great job for Georgia in Congress. He will be an outstanding Senator and he has my full support in his campaign.”

“It means more to me than I can express that Drew is standing by my side in this campaign,” Collins said.  “He is an indispensable leader in the fight for the President’s agenda, a tireless champion for his district and a very good friend.  I am honored and humbled by his support.  Drew’s rapid rise to a leadership position came due to his smarts, hard work and ability to serve as an honest broker between all the disparate views held in the House Chamber.  I will lean on his wisdom during this campaign as I do in Washington.”

Sen. Paul endorses Rep. Gurtler in U.S. Congressional race

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Rand Paul

HIAWASSEE, Ga. – State House Representative Matt Gurtler, 8th District, formally announced Feb. 18 that he received a campaign endorsement from U.S. Senator Rand Paul.  “I am proud to receive Senator Rand Paul’s endorsement for Congress,” Gurtler said. “Rand Paul is one of the few men in Washington D.C. willing to stand up for the Constitution and take on the establishment.”

Sen. Paul’s endorsement reads as follows:

Matt Gurtler

Rep. Matt Gurtler

“Matt Gurtler is a proven conservative who has stood strong against out-of-control government spending and the special interests in Atlanta. He is the exact type of conservative leader we need in Washington who will defend liberty and serve the people of Georgia’s 9th District, not the DC insiders. He has my full and total endorsement.”

Sen. Paul is a member of the Republican Party, a U.S. Senator representing the state of Kentucky, and a former candidate for President of the United States.

Featured Image: U.S. Senator Rand Paul

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