Board Approves November ESPLOST Request

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WHITE COUNTY, Ga.- The White County Board of Education approved the November ESPLOST request at the Nov. 18 board meeting.

The board also approved the October financial reports and the Series 2021 Bond Resolution and Purchase Agreement. Superintendent Dr. Laurie Burkett brought a couple of awards to the board’s attention.

Following the work session on Tuesday, Nov. 16 the board approved the remainder of the November ESPLOST at the regular meeting. On Tuesday the board approved the request for a new freezer for Testentee Gap Elementary School. For more information about the freezer, approval visit

In addition to the items presented on Tuesday three conference chairs were added to the list. The price for the chairs is $131.04 each. The other items are $153,803.20 for Erate CAT 2 Funding for updating firewalls and $600.00 for administration office signs.

The Erate CAT 2 will cover $417,536.00 of the firewalls. The total for the November ESPLOST request is $154,803.20. The board approved unanimously.

Finance Director Julie Dorsey presented the board the October financial reports at the meeting. Year-to-date revenue for October is $3,290,659.36. The year-to-date expenditure for the month is $8,909,894.58.

The fund reserve for the month of October is $9,320,629.19. The board approved the report as presented.

Tom Owens while presenting to the board.

Tom Owens from Raymond James presented the board with the series 2021 bond resolution and purchase agreement. The premium price for the funds is $23,229,955.20. The bond was approved by the voters of White County in May of 2020.

The first interest payment is due April 1, 2022, and the first principle payment is April 1, 2024. The final principle and interest payment date are expected to be April 1, 2028. The interest rate is 1.06%.

Superintendent Burkett informed the board of School Nutrition Director Abby Rowland received the Pioneers in Education from the Pioneer RESA. The board was also congratulated on receiving the 2021 GSBA Quality School award.

“We are super proud of her and grateful for what she does for our school district,” congratulated Burkett.


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