Russian Hacking Boondoggle


Opinion by George McClellan:

The main theme of this Russian hacking of the DNC non-story is that the hackers, whoever they are, did it for the benefit of Donald Trump with the specific intent to harm Hillary Clinton in her campaign to become looter in chief. Nonsense! It’s fake news and takes our eyes off her crimes.

The flood of stories now being inflicted upon us by the leftist media have yet to reveal any evidence that supports any claim that Russia affected our elections. Doubtless, they did hack the DNC and revealed the Clinton team’s criminality, which the DoJ has declined to pursue.

Additionally, given the total failure of the feckless Obama administration, especially during Clinton’s four years of State Department mismanagement by ignoring any response to Putin’s military actions on the Ukrainian border, the Crimea, Syria, Libya or in the Mediterranean, why would he want to help Donald Trump and the Republican Party gain control over the total of the US Government? Trump’s a tough guy. So is Putin. They both know that!

That media’s scenario makes no sense whatsoever. Even if we were to assume that Putin is an idiot, which he isn’t, he most certainly knows that when the US President has the support of the Congress and Americans, that he is much more powerful than the fool who has been presiding over a divided America, as we have suffered under since 2008.

The hacking revealed the DNC, and its candidate, to be dysfunctional, overzealous, careless, and arrogant in its approach to handling official US government communications by using unauthorized email servers. The DNC, overrun as it is with folks that have no use for each other and are not in the least bit reticent about carelessly putting that in writing, it comes as no surprise that they were easily hacked or that her campaign ultimately collapsed. In frustration the Democrats, what’s left of ‘em, are now blaming anybody but themselves for their loss.

It was evident the Democrat Party was deeply divided over their choice of who should be their presidential candidate. The DNC was not. Hillary was to be their candidate. To assure that, the fix was in. All the Democrat wailing, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments not-with-standing, she, ultimately lost the election. The leftist medias news claims is not evidence that her loss was the intent of the hackers. To claim that is fallacious reasoning indeed.

Add to that the fact that no one has offered any evidence whatsoever that even a single popular electoral vote was swayed by the release of the DNC information let alone by the pleas of the leftist Hollywood elite, it’s then we realize we have experienced the worst example of failed representative government since King George III.

Too, the far left media has focused our attention solely on the issue of “hacking” while ignoring the crimes they revealed. The classified data in those hacked emails, known to everybody, cleared or not on the Clinton team, is a crime and forms the basis of serious criminal charges against the entire Clinton team starting with ‘herself,’ John Podesta, Uma Abaden & D. Brazile.

Americans will not be satisfied with the new Republican government until that government allow’s justice to take its course without political influence from mere politicians. Clearly, it is revealed that the highest levels of our intelligence agencies, including the FBI and the DoJ, have been so politicized that they may actually be a danger to the country they are pledged to protect.
Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, Go get ‘em! (06 Jan 2017)

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