Council Says Yes to Rezoning for New Townhomes

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CLEVELAND, Ga.- The Cleveland City Council voted to approve the rezoning request by Skye Construction and Development in order for them to build 27 Townhomes off Angel Lane.

Parcel C01C-006/007 is approximately 4.83 acres and was zoned R1 residential. Skye Construction owned by Destin Bennett requested a zoning change to Planned Unit Development (PUD) in order to build five structures containing 27 townhomes in total. Bennett has already been before the Planning and Zoning Board and they denied his request with a 3-2 vote.

Tedi Boling while speaking in opposition to the project.

Bennett has had opposition from residents on the surrounding Head Street and West Underwood Street that the property is connected with. Members of the opposition spoke at both meetings against the project citing traffic concerns on Underwood Street, infrastructure not being able to handle the additional load, and decrease privacy when a number of the trees are cut down.

There were also members of the community that have sent letters of support for the project to the council. Superintendent Dr. Laurie Burkett and 15 others. No one in favor of the project spoke at the Council meeting.

Destin Bennett while addressing the crowd and council on behalf of his project.

The project was approved with conditions, and Bennett agreed to them. The conditions are Bennett is responsible for updating the water line, adding Fire Hydrants every 500ft on Angel Lane, updating the current sewer system, working with an arborist and the city to maintain green spaces, working with the city to correct the additional traffic problem on Underwood street, 3 parking spaces for every unit, a convenience stating that there will be no rentals allowed, an HOA with membership fees for maintenance, and lastly the 1.79 acres of green space will always remain untouched green space.

Heard in the clip above is Councilmember Rebecca Yardley explaining her decision to vote yes on this. To review the comprehensive plan or the zoning map for the City of Cleveland visit

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