White County Puts Up Valiant Effort in Loss

Team FYN Sports, White County High School

In what was a tale of two halves, the White County Warriors lost a close game to the Habersham Central Raiders 42-28

Coming into tonight’s game, the Warriors had plenty of momentum as they had just dominated Lumpkin a week prior. On the other hand, Habersham had lost two straight games to open their season and were in desperate need of a win. The last three times these teams had played, they were all close games that went down to the wire. Tonight’s game was no different.

Habersham’s QB Ryte Woodruff celebrating after scoring a TD

In the first half, the game was completely in the Raiders’ control. They scored on their first offensive drive with relative ease, as QB Ryte Woodruff scored his first of two rushing touchdowns. The Warriors had no response, as the offensive line play was completely different from last week. The Raiders defense was completely overwhelming. Last week’s Player of the Week Zion McMullen was completely flustered early on. White County’s quarterback J. Ben Haynes had a hard time completing passes due to the defensive coverage, along with the fact that he was constantly pressured. The offensive line was completely lackadaisical early on in the first half, but that wasn’t the only problem for the Warriors.

Just like last week, the Warriors were constantly being held back by penalties. Any time they had any momentum going their way, they would be flagged for a false start or blocking in the back or other avoidable penalties. However there were some bright spots in the first half. Nix Burkett had a clutch interception halfway through the 2nd quarter to stop Habersham’s momentum, and fire up the Warriors. Also, the Warrior offense slowly began to gain ground on their drives. White County may have went into the half down 21-0, but they were not going to give up.

Nix Burkett celebrating after his Interception

As the 2nd half began, the Warriors began to bring the fight to the Raiders.

White County began the 2nd half scoring touchdowns early. On their first offensive drive, Haynes fired a TD pass to Toby Turner to give the Warriors their first points of the game, making the score 21-7. Ryte Woodruff would score another TD for Habersham on the next possession, but that did not phase the Warriors. As a matter of fact, it may have fired them up even more.

J. Ben Haynes

The Warriors were in complete control for close to 12 minutes of game time. A big factor in this was a personnel change made at the half. Riley Stancil took over for Zion as the lead runningback, and brought new life. He became an immediate threat in both the running and passing game. Haynes would score a rushing TD midway through the 3rd to bring the deficit to 13 (14-27). After another quick Habersham TD, the game was in the palm of the hand of J. Ben Haynes.

Haynes put in one of his best performances yet. He threw another passing TD, this one to Nix Burkett, once again bringing the deficit to 13 points at the end of the 3rd quarter. White County’s special teams would convert a successful onside kick, their second of the game, to increase their momentum. Haynes would then lead the Warriors on an increasingly up and down drive. As the fourth quarter progressed, Haynes converted three 4th downs on the same drive to keep their chances alive. His final 4th down conversion would be a TD run at the goal line to bring the deficit to six.

Unfortunately for the Warriors, their good fortune would not last until the end of the game.

Habersham’s Jackson Clouatre after scoring a TD

Even while the Warriors were dominating, they were still being held back by penalties. Multiple times, they had their momentum halted by penalties for illegal receivers (offensive linemen being more than 5 yards down field while blocking on a pass play). As for the Raiders, their next offensive drive would prove to be a game sealer. They drove down the field, and Jackson Clouatre scored a deflating TD. Habersham then converted a 2 point conversion to increase the lead to 14. Haynes led the Warriors on the field, but soon turned the ball over on downs after missing passes on 3rd and 4th down. On the next drive, the Warriors would make an impressive goal line stand, but they ran out of time in their comeback efforts.

White County played great tonight, even in defeat. As they play against the Pickens County Dragons next week, they will have to be more careful with their penalties if they have any hopes of winning. The Warriors lost twice against Pickens last season, including a loss in the first round of the playoffs. Can the Warriors gain another win before starting region play?

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Nita Cagle speaks about life on the campaign trail

Election 2018

BLUE RIDGE, Ga. – Georgia’s current Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle continues to make his way across the state in his bid to become Georgia’s next Governor. Recently Cagle made stops through North Georgia as part of his campaign on a two week venture dubbed the “Cagle Country Bus Tour”.

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Nita Cagle speaks to a group of youths in Blairsville, Ga.

While supporters and undecided voters alike packed venues to hear the candidate speak in their hometown, many were surprised to see another Cagle family member emerge from the bus to give her take on why Casey Cagle, her husband, should be Georgia’s next Governor.

Nita Cagle has been by Casey’s side for 32 years. In these 32 years, the Cagle’s have raised three sons and are currently enjoying the addition of three grandchildren to family, but raising a family and having a life in politics has not always been easy.

Cagle holds the title of Second Lady of the State of Georgia, but she says what she is most proud of is her title as wife, mother and now grandmother of the Cagle household.

“I’m the inaugural member of team Cagle,” Georgia’s Second Lady joked as she spoke of the family’s early years in politics.

Casey Cagle first ran for Georgia Senate District 49 in 1994. At this time both of the Cagles were in their late 20s and just beginning a family.

“Casey had helped a friend run a campaign,” Cagle spoke of how their life in public service began, “Over the next couple of years I saw the spark start.”

Cagle admits that when she first noticed that Casey was showing interest in this field, that she was “a little hesitant” to jump on board, but says that her faith changed her attitude.

“I had many nights, many talks, and eventually a calmness just came over me, and I was okay with it. So when he came to me and said this is something that is on my heart, I already knew,” Cagle spoke candidly of her acceptance to stand by Casey as he joined the political arena.

When asked if she felt she had known of Casey’s intentions before he spoke openly of them, Cagle laughed and said, “Actually he probably already knew. It was just ‘how am I going to tell Nita’.”

Georgia, Fannin County, White County, Towns County, Pickens County, Habersham County, Lieutenant Governor, Governor, Casey Cagle, Nita Cagle, Cagle Country Bus Tour, Opiod Epidemic, Small Business, Preschool, Gubernatorial Race, 2018, General Primary, May, General Election, November, Republican, Family

Nita Cagle rallies the crowd for her husband at Glenda’s in Cleveland, Ga.

This career move was not always smooth as Cagle had to adapt to managing her time: “The boys were young. You’re divided because you want to be with them both, be a mom and be a wife.”

Ultimately, through family discussions, Cagle decided that she would become a strong foundation for her family at home.

“You only get one time at it,” Cagle explained the decision and the importance of having an active role in a child’s life, “You don’t get a do over.”

This decision did pose obstacles for the Cagles to overcome as the now Lt. Governor was often called away for his job and for campaigns, but Cagle explained that these obstacles are no different than what many families face: “Whether it’s politics, any job is going to put stress. No marriage is going to be without stress.”

Cagle explained that she has been blessed in that despite the calling of Casey’s career, he has always put his family first, “He’s a homebody, and if it is humanly possible to come home, he is coming home.”

With their children grown, Cagle says being on the campaign trail this time has a much different feel, “It absolutely was harder as they were younger. It got a lot easier as they got older. I’m really energized. I’m really enjoying it.”

Having grown children poses a set of new and exciting challenges when it comes to time management, as Cagle announced that their youngest son recently proposed to his girlfriend and would like to wed in the Fall shortly before the Nov. General Election.

This announcement didn’t slow Cagle down as she smiled and enthusiastically explained, “What better thing to do in the middle of all this craziness, than to shut it all down and to celebrate family, remember why we do it to start with, and welcome a new daughter-in-law into our family.”

Georgia, Fannin County, White County, Towns County, Pickens County, Habersham County, Lieutenant Governor, Governor, Casey Cagle, Nita Cagle, Cagle Country Bus Tour, Opiod Epidemic, Small Business, Preschool, Gubernatorial Race, 2018, General Primary, May, General Election, November, Republican, Family

Casey Cagle takes time to boast on his wife Nita via social media.

Cagle added that having been in a house of men for so long, and with her two older sons already married she is excited for the wedding and glad that the male to female ratio is evening out.

With the prospect of becoming Georgia’s First Lady, Cagle has given a lot of time to her platform and her mission if given this duty: “I have several things that I have thought about, and I may or may not narrow down.”

Having obtained a degree and having a background in early childhood education, Cagle taught preschool for a number of years.

“I specifically love the preschool age,” Cagle smiled as she discussed one of her goals if given the title of First Lady of Georgia.

Cagle would like to see preschool education expanded and offered throughout Georgia. She cited the importance of teaching children at a young age and how this early nurturing can carry over throughout their life.

Knowing that not every child is able to receive this kind of early start at home, Cagle would like to see this program offered in more areas, stating that the work put into a child at an early age will benefit society for generations to come.

Cagle would also like to put a focus on small businesses throughout Georgia. She and husband Casey got their start by establishing a small business, so she knows first hand the struggles that entrepreneurs face.

“I would like to champion them, and spotlight them,” Cagle said explaining her passion for this area. She noted that small businesses make up a large portion of the Georgia economy, and she would like to see “mom and pop shops” continue to set up and succeed in our state.

Finally Cagle discussed an issue that has come up time and time again on the campaign trail and that is of the opioid epidemic that is not just facing the state of Georgia but affecting countless families nationwide.

Georgia, Fannin County, White County, Towns County, Pickens County, Habersham County, Lieutenant Governor, Governor, Casey Cagle, Nita Cagle, Cagle Country Bus Tour, Opiod Epidemic, Small Business, Preschool, Gubernatorial Race, 2018, General Primary, May, General Election, November, Republican, Family

Nita Cagle is all smiles as she introduces her husband Casey Cagle to the crowd gathered in Habersham County.

From speaking with residents in Georgia, Cagle is left with one strong impression when it comes to the opioid epidemic, “It’s everywhere. It does not discriminate. We hear the same story over and over. It’s repeated everywhere.”

While Cagle admits that she is by no means an expert when it comes to this crisis, she says that she cannot deny the need to address the issue and “get the conversation going.” She states that by hearing the heartbreaking stories from families affected by opioid addiction she understands the depth of the problem and that it will not be an easy one to combat.

Being a multifaceted issue with a number of areas that need to be addressed, Cagle said, “If we are blessed enough to be elected, the platform is going to put me in a position to do good and open doors for the people that know about it.”

Cagle would like to increase awareness of the opioid epidemic and at least on one front open the doors for mentoring programs where families struggling with this issue can speak with former addicts on how to help loved ones.

Cagle also acknowledged the successes being seen through Georgia’s Drug Courts, and would like to study the impacts of possibly expanding these programs.

Nita Cagle beams a confidence and sincerity in all that she speaks of, but perhaps her biggest conviction is in that of her husband’s ability to make a great Governor of Georgia.

“The best way to know the kind of leader or character a person is going to have is to look into the home, and that is what I bring to the table,” Cagle stated smiling at her husband, “I’ve been married to a man that is consistent every single day.”

She speaks of his competitive drive and his ability to connect with people, but says that he is also a fair man and one she is proud to have spent the last 32 years by his side.

Cagle’s birthday is May 23, just one day after the General Primary, and she states that this year she doesn’t want any gifts from her husband but instead, “I just want a good clean win on the 22nd with no run-off.”

“He says it’s mathematically virtually impossible,” Cagle said explaining her husband’s response to her wish, but she then added with her contagious smile, “I have seen him do the impossible before.”




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Natalie Kissel


GBI Investigates Officer Involved Shooting in Habersham County, GA

State & National

Big Marijuana Bust in Habersham and Rabun Counties

On July 25, 2017, the Habersham County Sheriff’s Office, the Rabun County Sheriff’s Office and the Appalachian Regional Drug Enforcement Office assisted the Governor’s Task Force/Drug Suppression whose primary role is to eradicate domestic marijuana within the State of Georgia and to gather intelligence relating to its manufacture and cultivation. During this operation, three separate outdoor marijuana grows were located in Habersham and Rabun Counties.

Habersham County authorities executed a search warrant at Jonathan Clark’s residence at 110 Robertson Look Road Clarkesville, Georgia and found nine marijuana plants growing outside and 30 marijuana plants growing inside the residence along with methamphetamine and a handgun. Clark, 38, was charged with manufacturing marijuana, possession of methamphetamine, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime. Clark absconded from the residence and is wanted for these charges.

Habersham County authorities also found five marijuana plants during a search of Jake Pritchett’s residence at 674 Bear Gap Road, Clarkesville, Georgia. Pritchett, 26, was arrested for manufacturing marijuana and transported to the Habersham County Detention Center.

Rabun County authorities found 9 marijuana plants at Ralph Owens’ residence, 252 Luther Owens Road, Clayton, Georgia. Owens, 57, was charged with manufacturing marijuana and transported to the Rabun County Detention Center.

 The total street value of the marijuana seized was $53,000.

For additional information about Appalachian RDEO or to provide tips on criminal activity look for ARDEO@appalachiandtf on twitter or follow on facebook@appalachianrdeo and/or Instagram or contact your local Sheriff’s Office or Police Department.
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