Georgia’s ballot audit case looks to move forward on Friday

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Garland Favorito ballot audit

ELLIJAY, Ga – Garland Favorito outlined the progress of VoterGa’s legal case to uncover potential voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Favorito’s a co-plaintiff in the VoterGa lawsuit to examine147,000 ballots from the November election. In March, Henry County Chief Justice Brian Amaro granted the organization access to digital ballot images.

Favorito and company have stated the low resolution, 200 dpi (dots per inch) images aren’t of a high enough quality for experts to properly examine. Images need 600 dpi and color images to fully determine discrepancies in ballots.

On Friday, the plaintiffs will be asking for physical access to the Fulton County ballots. Also on Friday, the findings from the 200 dpi images will be released.

If granted access a team of forensic experts, senior poll managers, and others will inspect the ballots. They’re still finalizing the exact process, but the ballots will be scanned again. Other methods being discussed are ultraviolet lights, digital photography, and electronic image analysis. They will also check for paper folds, depressions, and if a machine or human completed the ballot.

The physical ballots would be inspected while in Fulton County’s custody. VoterGa won’t take the ballots off-site. Favorito appeared confident they could identify any fraudulent votes if capable of conducting a physical ballot audit.

Secretary of State’s Office filed an amicus brief asking the judge to allow only a review of the ballot images, not a physical inspection. It cited a change to Georgia’s Open Records Act prohibiting a tangible ballot audit and voter confidentiality.

Favorito accused Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger of “covering up” discrepancies in Georgia’s hand count audit in November. The plaintiff’s completely against the Dominion voting system, even advocating against the system years ago. He believes Raffensperger should have ordered an audit of the machines after people continued to come forward with voting issues in the 2020 election.

Many Americans want to know if the right person one and can regain trust in the election system. They want assurance of “honest elections in America” explained Favorito who stated he didn’t vote for President Donald Trump. He voted for a third-party write-in.

Anyone interested in watching the hearing on Friday can on starting at 9 a.m.

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