Board Reviews Tentative June and July Financial Reports

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White, Ga.- Finance Director Julie Dorsey presented the board with the tentative June and July financial reports at their meeting on August 26.

Also at the meeting, the board voted to accept Capital Outlay Program Funds. They approved the current field trip request and the ESPLOST request.

Finance Director Julie Dorsey presented the board with a draft of the June and July Financial reports. These will be finalized and then voted on in the September meeting.

The June General Fund Report

The June revenues are $6,185,398. The expenditures for June are $7,709,051.91. These are still rough numbers there are more invoices coming in that need to be organized into the numbers.

The July revenues are 292,922.83. The expenditures for the same month thus far are $794,210.53. These numbers could change as well once all the invoices are received and organized into the financial reports.

Capital outlay funds are $270,000 being given back to the school system. These funds will go towards the construction of the Performing Arts Center and the two classrooms that will be housed there.

“Anyone against it,” joked board member Charlie Thomas.

The next item the board approved was the current field trips. Due to COVID-19, only teams competing are allowed to take field trips. The current field tips that have been approved are in large part FFA competitions.

Assistant Superintendent Scott Justus presented the board with his request for the August ESPLOST at the work session on August 24. The request was for projector screens and installation at White County High School Auxillary Gym, Gym 68′, Teseneet Gap Lunchroom, and Mossy Creek Elementary. This project cost $52,300.96.

Another item in the request is for a new van for the technology department. The current van is 26 years old and has 225,000 miles on it. This item will cost $24,800.00. For a grand total of $77,100.96 for the ESPLOST request. The board did vote to approve the request.

The Director of Student Services MaryKay Berry and the Family Connections have also come together on a project for the students. They have bought a display for high traffic areas in the Middle School and High School filled with school supplies.

The display to hang in the schools.

This is for when students forget something they need, it’s right there for them to use. The supplies came from the Stuff the Bus program the school system does every school year in front of Wal-Mart or the school drive.

“MaryKay Student Services and Lindsey has a great idea to locate those in every school so when a kid forgets a pencil or needs whatever it is they need they are able to just grab it instead of having to go ask,” explained Burkett.

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