Proposed Budget for Fiscal Year 2022/23

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CLEVELAND, Ga.- City Administrator Kevin Harris presented the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2022/23 at a special call meeting on Jun. 6.

The council also approved the Water Authority proposed budget at their regular meeting. They also entered into an expense-sharing agreement with the Water Authority to check meters.

Harris presented the council with a detailed report of the city’s projected revenues and expenses, including each department’s individual budget. The general fund revenues and expenditures are estimated to be $4,145,545.00. The budget for the fiscal year 2021/2022 was $3,850,360.00, a 7.67% increase in the budget.

The increase is due to the current rise in inflation and the projected continued rise. The broad breakdown of the expenses is General Government( admin, shop, and court) $1,353,267.00, Public Safety (police and fire) $2,268,688.00, Streets $144,475.00, Sanitation $336,615.00, and Cultural and Recreation $42,500.00 for the proposed budget.

The Hotel/Motel fund revenue and expenditures are estimated to be $27,750.00. The starting budget for the year 2021/22 was $19,500.01 due to greater revenues than expected there was a budget amendment made to increase the budget to $20,880.00. The city is expecting the increased revenue trend to continue so they estimated a $6,870.00 or 32.90% increase in the new budget.

City Administrator Kevin Harris while presenting the budget proposal to the council.

The Water/Sewer fund revenue and expenditures are estimated at $2,793,440.00. The water portion of that had a budget of $1,709,870.00 for the fiscal year 2021/22. The new budget proposal is $1,716,555.00, giving a $6,685.00 or 0.39% increase to their budget. The sewer portion had a budget of $1,059,135.00 and the new proposal is $1,076,885.00, allowing for a $17,750 or 1.68% increase to the budget. This is again due to inflation.

The Capital Projects SPLOST revenue and expenditures are $1,101,000.00. The budget for last fiscal year was $951,000.00, there is a $250,000.00 or 26.29% increase this fiscal year. To view the full breakdown of the fiscal year 2021/22 budget please visit There will be another opportunity for the public to hear the information about the proposed budget, Monday, Jun. 13 during the City Council meeting.

During the public comment portion of the presentation, there was a comment made that the city needs to dedicate more to the maintenance of the city streets. The budget for the fiscal year 2021/22 was $138,215.00, the proposed budget is $144,475.00. That is a $6,260.00 or 4.53% increase. Part of the increase is $4,750.00 extra being allocated to Street Repairs.

The council was also presented with the Water Authority’s annual budget for their approval at the meeting. They approved it and it will now go back to Water Authority Director Edwin Nix. Nix presented his request to enter into an expense-sharing contract as well as other water authority items to the council at the May 9 council meeting. To review that meeting visit

The Historic Society also informed the council that on Thursday, Jun. 9 Cleveland has a resident turning 100 years old. The resident is Ruth Lancaster. They also reminded the council that 72 years ago the movie I’d Climb the Highest Mountain began filming in Cleveland. The film included 150 children and 200 adults from the area as extras in the film. This is the trailer for the film that was released in 1951 http://

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