Board of Education Reviews First Budget Hearing

Board of Education

WHITE COUNTY, Ga.- Director of Finance Julie Dorsey presented to the board at the first budget hearing for the fiscal year 23 budget.

The board also approved the JBC(4) awarding units and transferring credits amendment to the policy. They additionally approved the May ESPLOST request and a new bid for propane.

Dorsey presented the board with a tentative budget for fy23 at the Apr. 26 work session and the board approved it at the Apr. 28 meeting. To review that budget visit

The tentative budget

The estimated revenue in the general fund for the fy23 budget is $41,704,310. The estimated expenditure is $42,964,405.  The estimated fund balance for fy22 is $12,308,125 with an estimated ending fund balance is $11,148,030.

The new budget includes salary increases that were part of Governor Kemp’s initiative. There is also a more significant fuel expenditure than in previous years due to the rising fuel prices. The fuel expenditure is $150,00.

There is also an increase in the utility cost and that has been planned out in the budget. During COVID the operations for the schools were decreased 20%, and in the coming year’s budget, it is being allocated 10% back.

The board will review the budget again on Jun. 28 at 7:45 a.m. The budget then will be voted on at the Jun. 30 board meeting.

The JBC(4) policy is the policy for awarding units and transferring credits. Staff also took the time to clean up the policy while making the changes. The changes come from the Georgia Board of Education Rule 160-5-1-15. To view the new policy visit, the policy begins on page 3.

May ESPLOST request the board approved was for $37,250.00. The request is for $11,250 for power and data for the new donated LED football sign and $6,500.00 for Georgia Power to put in a new transform for the sign. $6,500.00 of the request is to help get the facilities into compliance with OCR review.

This year was also the five-year review for the fire sprinklers and that is $7,000.00 from the ESPLOST request. The last item on the request is for a new fence at Jack P. Nix’s bottom playground along ABC drive, at this time the exact position has not been decided.

Blossom Gas has placed the only bid for this year’s propane contract. They are the current provider of the school system’s propane needs. The current cost is $1.49 per gallon the new contract price is $1.849 per gallon.

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