School Board member John Solomon threatened anti-CRT activist

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John Solomon

WHITE COUNTY, Ga. — James King, an anti-critical race theory activist, said Monday he was verbally assaulted and threatened by District 2 School Board member John Solomon on Sept. 30, during the September Board meeting.

King, says he has evidence to show that White County schools and a covert organization known as Warriors for Social Justice are teaching CRT and other social justice initiatives to students.

“John Solomon got literally inches from my face and started screaming at me and told me in multiple different ways to stop what I was doing to expose Warriors for Social Justice. He told me to stop the crusade and he accused me of slandering good educators. Then he told me there would be undefined consequences.”

James King

King said dozens of people witnessed the incident and someone eventually stepped in front of Solomon because “he was acting like he was about to punch me. He kept clinching his fists. He assured me there would be consequences if I didn’t stop.”

King said the incident took place after the meeting in the Board of Commissioners meeting room was recessed and before the meeting continued in the school gym due to the size of the crowd.

Debbie Palmer said she witnessed the outburst and heard Solomon threaten that there would be consequences if King didn’t stop. “Mr. Solomon approached James and told him he needed to keep his mouth shut. That he didn’t know what he was talking about. He was screaming at him and there was no need for that.”

Kim Fletter

Kim Fletter called the incident volatile. “John was livid,” she said. “The veins in his neck were popping out. He pointed his finger in James face and told him, ‘don’t you dare mention any names tonight’ and he repeated it several times. It could have escalated very easily. I thought he was going to sock James.”

Last summer, King a former substitute teacher, shared documents with the Board that he collected from the Warriors for Social Justice Google Classroom in which the group claims to be “dedicated to a covert program within the schools.”

Members of the Warriors for Social Justice include Superintendent Dr. Laurie Burkett, Director of Student Improvement Cindy Free, Director of Student Services Mary Kay Berry, Tesnatee Gap Elementary Principal Octavius Mulligan, White County Middle School Principal Nara Allen, Jennifer Cesarone, Ellen Gann, Tera Johnston, Patty Kidd, Valerie Mateen, Kelly Williams, Kristen Dennis, Wayne Wilkes, Sarah Spillers, Francesca Smith, Gretchin Anglin, Lindsey Oliver and Erica Owens.

Fetch Your News attempted to reach Mr. Solomon and Chairwoman Jarrard for their comments, but they did not return our calls.




  1. Irene Faith November 17, 2021 at 7:15 am

    Keep up the good work Mr. King! It is what it looks like even though they will deny, deny, deny! Been there and done that and you keep on fighting the good fight.

    • Bill Johnson November 24, 2021 at 8:08 am

      Thank you for reading Fetch Your News Ms. Faith. The Board of Education may consider the matter closed but I spoke to Mr. King yesterday and he and Concerned Parents do not.

  2. Thomas Sieswerda November 17, 2021 at 9:27 am

    I can confirm that Mr. Solomon was pointing his finger at Mr. King and shouted “Don’t you mention any names tonight” He was out of control. I don’t think he is fit as a school board member.
    It’s a shame that the School Board tenure is so long.
    (As an aside, I mentioned to the person next to me that, ‘He sure has his panties in a wad’) Please don’t print that.

    On another point, on September 30 we were told the CRT was not being taught in White County and after an investigation, (by whom) the case was closed. My next question would be, how many school counselors are there in the White County System? The Georgia School Counselor Association is really pushing the CRT agenda.
    Lookup: “Equity and Social Justice Resources, Georgia School Counselor Association”
    Regards, Tom Sieswerda

    • Bill Johnson November 24, 2021 at 8:06 am

      Thank you for reading Fetch Your News Thomas. There is no doubt Mr. Solomon was out of control. It is unbelievable that an elected official would threaten a citizen or act in such an unprofessional manner. Even more disappointing is the fact he has not apologized for his behavior and the Board of Education has not called him to account. It appears as if they condone his behavior.

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