White County Animal Control receives grant for new washer, dryer

Press Release


WHITE COUNTY, Ga. — White County Animal Control has received a new commercial washer and dryer from a grant provided by the Atlanta Humane Society. 

The washer and dryer will help to keep pet bedding clean and dry which will cut down on illness and odor. It will also make the pets more comfortable during their time with us when many pets are stressed to be in a shelter. Director of Public Safety, David Murphy, stated “We are grateful for the support of the Atlanta Humane Society and our continued partnership with them.”

This year, the Atlanta Humane Society also distributed funding for aluminum walls to be installed between kennels and the purchase of a new refrigerator. The walls can be cleaned, aiding in cutting down on illness that would be passed between pets. The refrigerator will be used to store important vaccines and refrigerated supplies.

Through the Atlanta Humane Society’s Statewide Outreach Program, animal welfare organizations across the state, including White County Animal Control, are able to apply for funding that is being designated to capital campaign improvements on behalf of a grant funder.

“White County Animal Control are great partners, and we’re thankful to be able to provide them with these funds on behalf of a grant funder who is passionate about canine welfare”, said Dr. Jennifer Morris, Director of Veterinary Outreach at the Atlanta Humane Society. “Being able to help support our partner shelters in multiple ways, including through this type of funding, allows us to continue to all work together to saving more animal lives in our state.”

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