City, County issue joint statement on consolidation of fire services

Press Release

WHITE COUNTY, Ga. — The City of Cleveland City Council and the White County Board of Commissioners will be entering into discussions regarding the consolidation of Fire Protection Services for the City of Cleveland and White County.

Both the City and County have worked diligently to provide the highest standard of fire protection to the citizens and businesses of Cleveland and White County. Direct improvements such as increasing the number of full-time fire fighters, investment in the water system, and increased training and certification of personnel have resulted in the improvement of both the city and county ISO rating.

While the current mutual aid agreement allows the city and county to work closely with each other on the delivery of fire services, it is important to note that both agencies have an obligation to the taxpayers to operate as efficiently as possible and reduce any duplication of services.

“I view this as a chance to incorporate the Cleveland Fire Station into one of our county’s lead stations with additional personnel and resources.  The ability to disburse fire and emergency personnel from the City of Cleveland will enhance our capability to serve Cleveland and half of White County due to its proximity to major roads.  Through the sharing of resources, we hope to create a more efficient and cost-effective way to better serve ALL the citizens of White County.” – Chairman Travis C. Turner

“We are pleased to begin negotiations with the county to consolidate fire services. We are exploring this consolidation with public safety being the top priority and continuing a high-level a professional service that the city and county fire personnel currently provide.  There will be ample opportunity for the public to provide input and share concerns throughout this process including a public hearing. I look forward to working with the county commissioners and the city council over the coming months as we negotiate an agreement beneficial to all parties.” – Mayor Josh Turner, City of Cleveland

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