When we began offering our “Social Distancing Drive Thru
Zoo” experience at North Georgia Wildlife Park & Zoo, we
really did not know how people would respond. We have
been overwhelmed buy your response! Literally thousands
of families have driven through our zoo over the past two
weeks, and we have received so many generous
contributions to help us with the ongoing costs of operating the zoo and feeding our animals.

Perhaps the most gratifying thing for us has been the comments we have
received. Our guests have told us over and over, “Thank you for doing this!
Thank you for providing a safe experience for our children. It’s so nice to be
able to get out of the house and do something fun, while still practicing social distancing.”


But the best thing has been the smiles on the faces of the children! Their
excitement at seeing the animals has made the “Drive Thru Zoo” worth all the time and effort.


So, thank you to our zoo family, friends and community for your continual
support. We love you all and will continue to pray for you during the coming days.


About North Georgia Wildlife Park & Zoo / Wildlife Wonders:

North Georgia Wildlife Park & Zoo (NGWPZ) is home to over 300 animals. NGWPZ is known for its
outreach programs called Wildlife Wonders- Zoo to You which started in 1995. Wildlife Wonders was
featured on “Dirty Jobs” and provides 1000’s of educational outreach programs each year. Wildlife
Wonders opened their doors for guests to come visit during the fall of 2010 and the name was
changed to North Georgia Wildlife Park & Zoo. NGWPZ is known as a “Zoo like no other” and “My
favorite zoo”. They have earned these titles because of the unique and hands-on experiences they

Sign up for animal encounters with otters, sloths’ kangaroos, wolves, zebras and more. Enjoy a
reptile encounter and get hands–on with everything from alligators to large snakes. Take a wagon
ride to see exotic livestock, learn about the rare breed livestock breeding program and feed the
camels! Guided Wildlife Walks are provided during regular business hours and offer a chance to
learn more about and get up close with animals such as Cougars, Lemurs, Monkey, Birds of Prey and
many others. The petting farm animal area is a low-cost option that is great for kids and adults alike
and introduces visitors to over a dozen different farm animal breeds plus other animals such as giant
tortoise, deer, parrots, and baby camel. Baby animals are always available to pet and feed in the
petting zoo area but come in the spring and you may even see one being born!

NGWPZ is licensed by Georgia Department of Natural Resources and United States Department of
Agriculture. NGWPZ is a member of the Zoological Association of America. NGWPZ has received
outstanding reviews from both zoological professionals and visitors.

NGWPZ offers specialty tours and animal encounters throughout the year by reservation. Zoo
Admittance is seasonal and offered on select days. To view dates, prices, options and more visit:
www.myfavoritezoo.com. To learn more about their Zoo to You program visit:

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