Short Takes – The Derangement of Compassionate Fascists


The Derangement of Compassionate Fascists

As a conservative, I could not be more grateful or pleased for their contributions to Trump’s continued Presidency and the assurance of his re-election in 2020, then that provided by the continuing Mueller circus, the daily visual presence of Hillary Clinton and the deranged mutterings of California’s premier female nut job, after Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, that brilliant light of intellectual acumen, faultless sense of timing and thrilling rhetorical skills. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!  Did I fail to mention the unravelling exposure of the DoJ and FBI’s biased leadership as bonafide anti-Trump Progressives who actually (not figuratively) engaged in an insiders coup attempt against the Trump administration? That’s a criminal act.

If one thinks they can succeed in staging a coup against a legally elected administration, then the decision must be made to go all in and make a clean kill or face the hangman. Gibbets have been filled with failed coup attempters. In some places, it’s firing squads. Whatever is the punishment, it must be carried out ruthlessly and quickly or no message of its futility is left to stem those deranged few who would still contemplate their place in history.

The entire Democrat-Socialist party has entered the dark forbidding realm of conscious hysteria as evidenced by the uncivilized reactions of the lefts politicians and voters toward conservatives like Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her Red Hen Restaurant experience. Lest we forget, it started last year with the attempted murders by a deranged democrat at the Republican congressional baseball practice shooting at Congressmen. The Left’s reactions to Trumps wielding the powers of the executive by trying to seal the border and stem the flow on Illegals across our borders is driving them bonkers. So is Trumps tariffs, his North Korean exercise in diplomacy and Trumps growing American economy.

“Obsession over a tree ignores the forest.”  Obsessing over a few staged photos of weeping little children allegedly being separated from their gate crashing parents, or coyotes, or sex trade traffickers, or whatever, ignores the real problem, that we’re being invaded. To stop the flow does not require more police or soldiers on the border, simply deny invaders the monetary support they need to survive here. Eliminate the welfare we spend supporting them.

The Left seems convinced that the righteousness of their lunatic cause justifies their attacks as their absolute right to correct a gross error made by America’s “deplorable’s,” we who didn’t see the true value of a Hillary Clinton presidency and who simply don’t recognize the dangers  inherent in Constitutional representative government over their version of compassionate fascism.

Their ignorance of is revealed when they characterize Conservatives as Nazi’s when they are are describing themselves. Their lack of education on history is apparent when they don’t know or recognize the difference between fascist National Socialism, which is what Democrats want, and Constitutional Representative government, which is what we now have and will continue to have, unless we can’t beat back the continued assault on our better senses.

Why, for example, does Mueller’s Colonoscopy probe still continue when the unfolding Congressional probe into the FBI has undercut its legitimacy? No prosecutor could possibly take Mueller’s tainted fake evidence to a Grand Jury and expect to gain an indictment. No, no. It simply won’t do!  End the charade and stop the Mueller fiasco. Lets make America Great Again,

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (25Jun18)

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