Sautee woman charged with battery, cruelty to children, obstruction of law enforcement officers


Cassandra Ann Rogers

CLEVELAND, Ga. – Cassandra Ann Rogers, 27, of Sautee, was arrested Thursday, Dec. 21, and charged with battery against a person 65-years of age or older, cruelty to children and willful obstruction of law enforcement officers following a domestic dispute at 118 Chalet Drive in Sautee.

According to the incident report, Jason Watson Wardle, 40, and Marry Novak, 78, say Rogers came home intoxicated and agitated and began throwing things. When Novak attempted to stop Rogers from throwing a lamp, she grabbed Novak’s arm and twisted it, causing it to bleed.

White County Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Shaw and Cpl. Cameron O’Kelley responded to a 911 call and took statements from Wardle, the father of Rogers’ 2-year-old son, and Novak. They then attempted to interview Novak, who was uncooperative.

Shaw did note in his report that Rogers had a bloody mouth and bruising above her eye but when asked about it, Rogers stated “nothing happened.” She then added, “go ahead and take me to jail, I’m the victim but take me to jail.”

When they attempted to take her into custody, she resisted and struggled to get away. Once inside the patrol car, she began hitting her head on a window and continued to struggle as they removed her from the car at the White County Detention Center.

Rogers’ bond has been set at $7,000.


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    “OH MY GOD”
    Not Surprised
    Who let the dogs out
    Is it trash day?

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