More and more, it is coming to the light that the “free” press is pressured and controlled by the corporations that own the media. These corporations have most likely “bought and paid for” the candidate of their choosing and demand that the spin to always be in said politico’s favor.

The only way to get real news about the United States and what is really happening in the world is to go to a foreign or alternative news source. These sources are less likely to candy coat or spin the issues. It can be a real eye opener.  

Should a journalist here in the US try to step out in an unpopular truth, they will be quickly squashed and suppressed. The bosses get the tongue lashing from the political power. That defecation rolls down hill and so on.  However, this is not new, but it is only worsening.

If anyone remembers Richard Nixon and the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, the point is easily proven.

The Smothers Brothers found themselves in direct conflict with the CBS’ network censors. The show catered to the counter culture that was sweeping the country in the late 60’s and early 70’s.  Regardless of the controversy, the show was hilarious and wildly popular with viewers.  The guests and writers of the show were mostly against the mainstream.

The president, Richard Nixon, was often the butt of many jokes. The Vietnam War was another unpopular issue that was bandied about in satire.  In fact, a documentary on the show and its’ suppression has been aired on Public Television with Tommy Smothers narrating.

Not only was their show pulled from the air by the powers that be, the Smothers Brothers were blocked from having other shows. They were more or less black balled from the entertainment field.

Another example that comes to mind is the movie starring Robin Williams called Good Morning Vietnam.  Loosely based the experiences of an AFRS DJ during the Vietnam War, 

Adrian Cronauer is a very popular military DJ, played by Williams. He is frustrated at his inability to report the actual news. The military censors received the telex reports of the happenings in the area. They crossed out anything that would be considered controversial. The denouement of the movie occurred when Robin Williams’ character refused to be censored and reported all of the news which was forbidden.

An article written on entitled Liberal Blogger & Journalist Shows How Most News Is Controlled For Political Purposes by is an example of the frustration and awakening of a liberal writer.  Being a liberal is usually a pass to say what is on your mind without any road blocks. However, even the liberals in the press corps are herded toward the vision statement and political leanings of the powers that be.

Recently. Judge Jeanine Pirro was pulled from the Saturday Night Line Up on Fox News Channel on the 9 o’clock slot between Jesse Watters at 8pm and Greg Gutfield at 10pm..

Her First Amendment rights were taken away as Fox News was concerned about her comments about the actions and comments of Ilhan Omar, freshman Congresswoman. Ilhan Omar is out talking freely about her Anti- Semantic views yet Nancy Pelosi cannot bring herself to call her out by name, but Judge Jeanine is pulled from her very popular show because no one wants to offend a Muslim or their beliefs.

It is hard to explain how the news companies have traveled from the horrifying and tragic events on 9/11/2001 to where they tiptoe about in fear of being called a racist, an Islamophobe, any other kind of “phobe” etc.

Perhaps the people who died on this date are no longer important. Or perhaps, the last administration was so caught up in Islamic adoration that everyone was indoctrinated?

How can we have a free press if it is controlled?

Have we already lost the First Amendment?  

In Idaho it definitely was for a moment. The governor signed a cancellation of the 1st Amendment into law.  The Ag-Gag law will jail anyone who does undercover filming inside production areas where animals are husbanded.  In no way is it advocated to abuse animals but it is understandable that a business would not want their operations filmed if there are industry secrets that could be copied. However, the law was in direct opposition of First Amendment rights.

However, the law was later overturned by a Federal Judge, citing it violated free speech.

All that being said, it is completely irresponsible to pass a law that restricts free speech.  How can the truth reach the masses if it is controlled?  

The social media platforms are in a state of conflict with the First Amendment of late as they have set up algorithms to control Conservative views. Twitter will ban anyone for life if they please, YouTube takes away one’s ability to make money from their videos, Facebook will “review your post” if it is controversial.

Seems everyone who is of a conservative mind must be controlled by the Left, who are allowed free rein of their tongues, a privilege that is now denied to anyone on the Right or a Republican.

The country is in a sorry state that has been on the downhill slide for six decades where freedom of speech is concerned.  One trembles to think what will happen if it is not checked in a hurry. Everything the United States has ever stood for is at stake here.  Please stand up and be counted. Fight for our First Amendment rights.



Freedom of Speech vs Platform to Insult

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Freedom’s Just Another Word for….

If you are a U.S. citizen you have the right to voice your opinion.  There are many ways to do so, with words or your actions.  Civil Rights law describes, “Speech” as all kinds of expression.  However the United States Constitution, and the way the it’s been applied by courts, includes some exceptions.  Depending on how your words or actions affect others could mean your “Speech” may not always be protected. 

If you yell vulgar words from your driveway and all your neighbors can hear chances are your local authorities will charge you with disorderly conduct or disrupting the peace.  You can’t claim the First Amendment for protection.  Anytime your behavior is offensive to a reasonable person and has no value to society. Sometimes there’s a fine line when you consider obscenity and certain arts, but art is a benefit to society.  A work of art can depend on a person’s preference.

Prove What You Say
There is no protection under the United States Constitution and you have no right to freedom of speech if you are telling lies.  If you tell lies about someone you can be held accountable for slander, if you print lies or broadcast it libel has occurred. Broadcast can include speaking in a public place if the speech is being recorded for later distribution or broadcast live.  The First Amendment does not protect you when it comes to slander and libel. The person you lied about can sue you in civil court. If the person does sue usually they must prove that you acted in a deliberate attempt to cause harm, that you did cause harm, and that you have no proof that your statement is true.

You Can’t Incite Trouble
You cannot incite trouble or hurt people.  “Fighting words” are against the law.   You are not protected if you abuse someone verbally, or use words to rile up a group.   Legally you can be criminally charged for your conduct.   You cannot claim that you are “exercising your constitutional rights”. In 1942, the U.S. Supreme Court added “incitement” to things not covered by freedom of speech.

When You Do Not Know
You cannot exhibit behavior targeting a general group and be protected by the First Amendment. You have a right to express a dislike for any group of people, whether it’s a race, a religious group, or any others, but you can’t cross a line that could cause someone else to act out against the group or in other words you have “incited” them.  You cannot make hateful comments to someone else, one on one, or comments directed at someone, these are considered fighting words and are not protected.

The law regarding a U.S. citizen’s right to freedom of speech is complicated. When you decide to attack someone or a group,  personally or professionally, and hide behind your “Freedom of Speech” simply using this as an excuse to behave in any manner you choose, saying whatever you wish, whether you have facts or just start rambling with rhetoric,  the truth will usually shine through.  A good rule to follow:  Is it true?  Is it helpful?  Is it inspiring?  Is it necessary?  Is it kind?  And of course I always like to add, “Is it going to cause you to end up on the losing end in Court?”  Our advice- when in doubt consult an attorney before you need to hire one.

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