August ESPLOST Request Approved

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WHITE COUNTY, Ga.- The White County Board of Education approved the August ESPLOST request that Assistant Superintendent Scott Justus presented to the board at their work session on Tuesday, Aug. 23.

The board also approved the first reading of the new policies that will sit on the table for 30 days before being voted on. They recognized students from The Mossy Creek Beta Club that placed in the National competition over the summer.

During the board work session on Tuesday, Justus presented them with both the ESPLOST and a construction update. To review the meeting visit

The ESPLOST request for the month of Aug. is for $22,636.00. $3,000 of that will go towards purchasing six new scanners for the finance department. $3,296.00 will go to installing perforated film over the windows and doors at the Warrior Academy, this will provide more privacy since it enables viewing only from the inside out.

$4,840 will go towards helping the Helmet club light the school logos on the new Jumbotron. The total cost of the lighting project is $8,840 but the Helmet club will be paying $4,000 of that total cost.

Lastly, $11,500 will go towards the meter charge and cost of sewer hookup for the new transportation facility. This was not included in the project cost from Charles Black Construction. The board approved all of these items for the Aug. ESPLOST.

Director of School Improvement Cindy Free presented the board with two new policies at the Tuesday work session. Those policies are IEDA and JRB.

IEDA is a policy stating that students in Kindergarten through 8th grade will have unstructured break time also known as recess. The students already receive this, the State just requires a policy for it now.

JRB is a policy in response to House Bill 1178 and is called the Parental Bill of Rights. Most of the elements of this policy are already in practice in other policies the school system has, the major change is parents’ ability to object to materials being taught in the classroom.

The policies are outlined specifically at The board had the first reading of both of these policies and now they are sitting on the table for 30 days to give the community time to review them and make comments if there is a need.

Once these policies are approved specific protocols for JRB will be placed on the school system’s website. For more information on any policies, the White County School System has in place go to

The BETA Club students and their teacher from Left to Right are Deticia Oostuizen Audrey Whitaker, Rachel Anne Godfrey, Harper Murphey, Haynes Jackson, and Cooper Funk.

The Mossy Creek BETA Club competed over the summer in the national competition in Nashville, Tennessee. The board recognized the efforts of the students that placed in the competition at the meeting. This was the first time in two and half years that students have been recognized by the Board of Education.

Heard in the clip above is Superintendent Dr. Laurie Burkett thanking everyone that came out for recognition. She also talks about how good it is to have students back at the meetings.

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