The Five Stages of Societal Collapse


Opinion by George McClellan:

A Russian named Dmitry Orlov has identified for us the seven stages of a society’s collapse.

1st, is “financial collapse,” caused when we spend money we don’t have and don’t replace it. It’s called deficit spending and results in debt. Our debt today, as a country, is even worse because there is only about $250 trillion dollars available in circulation from which to borrow. It’s fungible. Foreign governments, who have loaned us money so we can enjoy our good life, have a major vested interested in our cash too.

Most of us use deficit spending to live or daily lives, by using credit cards.We are, in fact, spending money we don’t have. Families do it, the government does it and businesses do it. This is deficit spending and it mounts up as a pile of debt, a massive one for government.

What’s going to happen when that debt is called in by worldwide financial collapse? When the crash comes, you will need cash, or Bic cigarettes lighters and cartons of cigarettes just to survive. Plastic won’t do it. Our banks will close and ATM’s will be quickly emptied.

2nd: Faith in “business as usual” evaporates immediately. In a futile attempt to remain solvent, banks will soak up customers savings and checking accounts, maybe leaving nonnegotiable e-IOU’s, then, they will close. Business’s will also close because they can’t buy inventory or pay off their debt. Bankruptcy follows. Suppliers will close because they can’t buy raw materials, and for them, bankruptcy also follows.

3rd: “commercial collapse” described above In these turbulent times, your only good use for a credit card will be to scrape ice or bug spots off your cars windshield, even if you could drive it. You won’t drive for long because there will be no gas to buy gas.

4th: “loss of faith that the market shall provide.” Commercial trucks won’t be able to take produce to market and food markets will be swept clean in mere hours while food rots in the fields. If you do not believe violence and anarchy will soon follow, I remind you of the annual exercise at Christmas called Black Friday sales when plenty of products are in stores. It’s brutal!

5th stage: “political collapse” because the faith that “the government would take care of us” evaporates. This applies especially to the government dependent slaves of the inner cities who have nothing except what the government provides. They may survive because deprivation is all they have known. They’ll still get hungry and will start predatory forays into the suburbs stealing and killing as they go just to satisfy the frustrations they have built up for generations.

Combined, the five stages enumerated above will ensure continuance of the social and cultural enmity between the races and create distrust between neighbors, families and friends. Producers and takers, who are already known, will be singled out for their contribution or targeted for exclusion. Any faith that neighbors once had that “your people will take care of you” is gone as is any remaining faith in the goodness of humanity.

Survivors will form into protective units as clans or families, select and reject leaders, make and enforce rules of individual and group conduct, develop systems of defense, food production and distribution, and settle in until an acceptable government is mutually formed and agreed upon. That’s our future. Look to Venezuela today as an example of what’s coming if we don’t stick with the Constitution we’ve lived under successfully for the past 250 years.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitutions the way. Now, go get ‘em! (16 Sept 2016)

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