Democrat Dementia


Opinion written by George McClellan:

The dysfunction of the Marxist Democrat party continues to reveal itself in all its impotent nastiness, because of Donald Trump. He swept away years of Leftist planning, clever schemes and Common Core education of our nations children through political correctness and multiculturalism, that they were unprepared to believe or accept. From Brexit to Trump, the shock waves have reverberated around the world. Tomorrow, France perhaps?

The political reordering for America’s future had been arranged, the Establishment elites and the favored bureauracy’s that support them, were in place. The world bankers were ready to fund their One World Order scheme by financially reducing America to a third world nation status by filling our borders with the dregs of the over populated, undereducated, war weary third world homeless, helpless, and sick, while keeping us in constant turmoil. Then came Trump.

After nearly 100 day’s of Trumps administration, the shattered establishment, which includes many, many Republicans, are now beginning to reorganize themselves in a singular, united but stealthy effort to impeded any further destruction of their beloved corruption by Trump’s promise to Drain the Swamp. Paul Ryan is implicitly one of them.

Once, there was an ugly rumor that nothing could get done without the House in GOP hands. So we gave them the house. Then, nothing could get done without the Senate in GOP hands too. So, we gave them the Senate. Then, we balked. We were not going to give them their choice of our President because they had not kept their promises on anything so, we picked Donald Trump for them and the political establishment went straight into dysfunctional mode.

A trapped wild animal is very dangerous when it s thrashing around, teeth bared and claws out. The Democrats are like that trapped wild animal except, they have no teeth and no claws because we made a startling discovery. The Democrat party was in fact dying. They have no youthful leadership, they have no depth of organization and they have no ideas except failed Marxism. Consequently they must settle with the likes of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth, (the Indian Princess) Warren and a still sputtering Chuckie Schumer (D-NY) now threatening to shut down government to stop funding of the wall and blame the Republicans to boot!

But he might not be far off the mark. Some corrupt Republicans will indeed help him shut down the government and blame Trump. They all hate Trump, but he doesn’t care. He made promises to drain the swamp, and he going about it, all the screaming and caterwauling not withstanding. So, destruction by stealth, to delay, expose, reveal, has become the implied order of the day.

Trumps enemies are the same ‘elites’ who believe its important for bipartisanship, to “reach across the aisle” to produce effective laws. They’re the same as the ones hidden in the bureaucracies dragging their feet on Trump’s orders to restore effective and fair government. It’s Republicans as well as the Democrats hindering him and, it’s dangerous if not treasonous.

We know the bipartisan days are over. Marxism cannot be negotiated with. The Democrats lost and the Republicans, if they don’t realize it yet, had better get on Trump’s train PDQ or they are going to get the shaft too.  A series of local elections are on going throughout America for congressional seats and conservatives had better stay involved. We haven’t won yet and if we’re not careful, our recent victories could easily be snatched away and we can’t have that, can we? That simply won’t do!  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (22Apr17)

The Democrat Problem


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Their first problem is that after decades of change, from an American Political Party to a Marxist-Leninists one, they lost their American message, fumbled their election opportunities and have now even lost their ability to promote one. They don’t know who they really are.

If any party wants to be taken seriously in this post Trump, return to Americanism era, they had better field candidates who are worth a damn. The contest for Georgia’s 6th District, the seat vacated by Dr. Tom Price, Trump’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, is an example. Out of no where, the Democrats, desperate to stay in the game, fielded a youthful John Ossoff, a film maker with a short work government history (shamelessly aggrandized), as a congressional aide to Georgia Rep., Hank Johnson, (yes, that Hank Johnson who asked a General Officer at a congressional hearing, if he, the General, wasn’t concerned the Island of Guam would “capsize” with the addition of a US Marine Brigade adding to the weight there?)

Do you remember the expression on the Generals face. Bewilderment! He would have been in his rights to politely excuse himself from the proceedings and quietly leave the room. The media quickly rallied with spin control telling us that’s not what he (Johnson) said (which he did) but meant something else and, after all, he meant well and should be forgiven. Possibly! I could accept that for one who’s highest level of education was to be the sixth grade, but not from a overpaid ignorant politician. Well, he is a Democrat after all!

Ossoff, on the other hand, can’t even vote in the district he wants to represent, but lives ten minutes away with his girl friend of twelve years, while she studies to be a doctor. He was flummoxed by an interviewer who challenged him on his residency then asked, about his girl friend of twelve years, “when are you going to marry her?” The silence was deafening!

Conservatives should attend Democrat rally’s for candidates challenging Conservatives incumbents and ask them, if you can, two questions: Do you, or do you not, support the Constitution of the United States of America? The answer invariably will be “Yes, I do!” The follow up question should then be: “Then why are you running as a Democrat? Then stand back and wait to be assaulted, verbally by the screamers or even physically by the knuckle dragging Neanderthals who often show up at conservative rallies and speeches.

Among other tools available to advance Progressive programs are the “shock troops”, of organized street thugs, i.e.: Black Live Matters, The New Black Panther Party, and even, occasionally, the Flower of Islam, Louis Farrakhan’s pseudo Islamic followers. Don’t forget the invaluable contributions by the snowflake populations that can be rallied from out of nearby colleges and universities. They’ll come for certain if they can earn extra credit in civics.

The Georgia 6th District contest is in limbo until June 20th. Ossoff, the only Democrat candidate didn’t get the 50% plus one vote to win outright as Democrats had hoped, despite spending several millions of dollars, while the Republicans, forming up in their usual circular firing squad, fielded eleven candidates, the top go getter being Karen Handle at 18%. She will win! All total, more Republican votes were cast then Democrat ones, so Junes runoff won’t be easy.

Republicans would do well to focus on the Democrats lack of an American message. They are Socialists and their ideas was tossed out in three successive American elections. So, make ‘em defend their progressivism, Make ‘em fight for it. Make it painful. But make it!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (19Apr17)

Hitler Still Used as Propaganda


Opinion written by george McClellan

Fake news is calculated to spark outrage, change a narrative or alter our focus from a major issue to a non issue. It is a favorite tool of Leftist politicians, but yielded best by the Left-wing media, and always used against those who dissent from Progressive orthodoxy.

Paramount among them is to slather anyone who disagrees with them or their their indefensible ideas, as Hitler, or Hitler like or some form of Hitlerism intending, of course to invoke the memories of modern history’s most evil man, Adolph Hitler, aka: der Fuehrer.

I have received one or two such responses to my little essays in the past, some remarking that “I would have done Hitler proud.” Well, that simply won’t do, for many reasons. I don’t speak German. I’m a constitutional conservative, not a fascist. I don’t support ideas of National Socialism, including National Health. I don’t support the creation of private shock troops within America, I hate attending mass propaganda rallies, illuminated by torches or marching in circles around bonfires singing an anthem dedicated to a dead low IQ thug. The last uniform I gladly wore was my police uniform, before that the US Army’s and before that, the Boy Scouts. Since then, I avoid the idea of me wearing a uniform and, I don’t drink that much beer either.

But disagree with the Left, and one suddenly becomes worse than Hitler, excoriated on Face book and Twitter, confronted by screaming rioters totally unaware of the politics they are defending and, of course, subtly by the use of the email.

Now why, one could ask, isn’t Joseph Stalin held up as a pejorative name? As a better example of ruthlessness, he purposely killed more of his own Russian people than Hitler ever did. So did China’s Mao Tse Tung for that matter. The main reason is that Herr Hitler had far better media coverage and he craved it. The media were all on his side, where it counted, and the fake news of propaganda created out of Der Fuehrer, a Teutonic hero Knight of pure Germanic stock who would return Germany to its vaunted Teutonic, Wagnerian glory,…. that sort of thing.

Bill Clinton was never called a Hitler. The media watched him, didn’t speak ill of him but, didn’t expose him as a rapist or serial sexual predator either. There is another slight difference, Hitler, in losing his war, had the decency to shoot himself. Impeached Bill Clinton, having no shame, still walks among us enchanting women with his “ah shucks” smile.

The drooling media never ever suggested that Obama might have displayed some Hitlerian tendencies. Obama worked hard, like a good bureaucrat should, to create a fascist government for America, but he personally lacked the skills necessary to utilize the massive power he had in his hands to make it happen. He had a “phone and a pen,” feared making decisions, and hoped the people energized to do it for him once he set the bureaucratic wheels in motion. No dirt on that fellows hands. He drew a red line. It had to have been of lipstick. It took a real leader, after several years waiting, just to enforce a previous American presidents Red Line threat.

Sean Spicer made a ‘faux pas’ when he said “even Hitler didn’t use chemical weapons,” but failed to add, “on the battlefield.” The Left press went nuts again. “How shocking, how awful, Spicer has to go, he must resign or be fired,” etc., etc., & etc. Democrats are shameless. Even the Grand Dame of mediocrity, Nancy Pelosi, opined about how awful Spicer was. Spicer’s error was not thinking it through before he spoke. Pelosi’s error is that she’s never thinks at all but reacts instinctively. How many faux pas’s has she made in her years in politics. Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (16April17)

When Leadership Disappears 


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Yesterday, I expounded upon the problem of leadership, or lack of it, demonstrated by United Airlines. By no means does United stand alone in its failings of leadership. Our ability as a nation to make righteous decisions, or bad ones, comes after decades of progressivism that has denied Americans the right to think for themselves and do what’s right, but do only what feels good and what the rule book allows.

The United Airlines incident reveals exactly the same degree of time warped decision making that allowed the government of Bill Clinton to drag a screaming, fearful little Cuban boy, Julian Gonzales, at gun point, out of the closet of a relatives happy home in Miami, Florida, to be forcibly returned to a despotic communist regime for a proper readjustment of his values. It’s what makes fools like Obama think that by opening doors to that failed communist state, America will be the better for it. It’s why “Rules of Engagement” for our military have been so restricted that the numbers of our killed and maimed soldiers has risen so highly. They can’t attack and kill the enemy lest the enemy should be offended. “War is hell!” but not for them.

What was the point in both United’s forcible removal, and Clinton’s Gonzales cases? It is the same level of leadership that operates in that liberal/progressive/fascist climate of management that ignores the rule of law, abandons the rule of common sense and forsakes the rules of good manners. For United, it could not have been for the bottom line, could it? Was it a power play? No, it was inviolable, pre-ordained policy. What was Bill Clinton’s reason? He blamed Janet Reno. He couldn’t make a righteous on the spot decision. Neither could United. It’s a mind set!

Progressive-Socialists always mean well regardless of the unintended consequences of their actions. As they only intend the best for their customer(s), employees or the general public, they should, naturally, be forgiven. Schedules have to be maintained, crews returned to their home bases, and rules obeyed, that sort of thing. It’s what Progressives do. It’s how they live, work and operate. It’s how they’ve screwed up America. It’s polite evil!

Another example, “Gun free zones!” Only a rabid do good’er could possibly think up such idiotic nonsense. Zero tolerance rules and “gun free zones,” have left the streets of our cities, the floors of our classrooms, and the crowded dance halls of night clubs littered with the dead and bleeding bodies of innocent people because Progressivism demands an environment of “zero tolerance.”  Where does most of America’s gun violence occurred? In Zero Tolerance gun free zones. The whole city of Chicago is a gun free zone and the death count there, by guns alone, is absolutely staggering. Their decision, ban guns not shooters.

For most Americans, the biggest offenders are the bureaucracies’ of the Federal Government, the IRS, EPA, USDA, BLM & etc. who use their own little made up rules as clubs against citizens simply trying to earn a decent living. For example, Obama’s health care rules demanded all citizens, except Congressmen, enroll in his wealth redistribution plan or pay a financial penalty. EPA steals a ranchers inalienable right to use his property because, the EPA say’s, such use could adversely affect a tiny fish a thousand miles down stream. We can all recite similar atrocities from our own experience, United Airlines simply revealed them.

America is under new leadership. Until Trump, there was no evidence of positive leadership at any level, corporate or government, only the rule book. People were afraid to make decisions. The inviolable rules of engagements, the pre-ordained mind-set, has neutered Americans. Screw up and blame the rule book. Beat up somebody and blame the victim. That’s how it is!

Leadership or Just Following Rules?


Opinion written by George McClellan:

How in the world does a huge corporation, like United Airlines, faced with eager competitors engaged in the sole business of public transportation, believe it somehow has the inalienable right to club some fellow over the head, who bought their product, and drag his bloody body, inchoate and screaming, out of the seat he just purchased and down the aisle with dozens of onlookers, with iPhones I might add, as witnesses, and think they are doing a good deed? It has nothing to do with leadership because their is no leadership, just a manager with a rule book!

Good intentions are the opiate of the Progressive/Socialist class empowered by a pre-developed mind-set that does not allow for individual reasoning, decision making or accepting responsibility for mistakes. All responsibility now lies in “books of rules,” tomes of ‘one size fits all’ command and control, relegating no authority to anyone to say “Stop it already, enough is enough!”

As far as United Airline’s problem is concerned, hundreds of cheaper and understandable  remedies have already been posited on the social media sites so I’ll not add my views here, but, I’d  rather focus on why leadership has failed. It’s an easy study; we have failed because we have over burdened ourselves with rules, thousands of rules, books of rules, and have given the power to enforce those rules to people who apparently have little or no understanding into the constitutional reasons why those thousands of rules are generally archaic, invalid, and legally unenforceable, but are enforced anyway. It’s a subject that is rarely ever discussed. Where has American leadership gone awry? Where are the examples of the leadership that was once Americas? There are none. Progressivism has seen to  that.

Hopefully, not too many public companies, like United Airlines, entertain clumsy business models that permits the clubbing of customers. But, as they are corporate entities that follow unbendable rules, they will pay the penalty in lost ridership, rotten PR and declining stock rvalues, and worse, possible bankruptcy, throwing hundreds of employees onto the dole.

For companies like United, apologies from top managers,”we re-accommodated him” are laughable and meaningless. Unless corporate structures change to the point that any employee, at any grade, is empowered to fearlessly call a halt to such stupidity when they see it, the carnage will continue. That’s the problem with strict adherence to rule books. There is no wiggle room so, blame the rule book.

In the United Airlines case, any member of the cabin crew should have had the authority, right then and there, to stop the assault and battery on a customer when other remedies were so easily available. The unhappy lesson of a mind-set that draws its actions from an inflexible rule book, that denies authority to employees to make spot decisions, is soon to be realized by the coming massive lawsuit, and will hasten a reevaluation of the unintended consequences of strict management by the no tolerance book of rules. Stupidity always accompanies indecision. When the lack of making an apparently simple decision is denied to the very employees who could have stopped it, then “stupidity” becomes the norm.

Last question. Who thought it was important enough to call the Airport Police to physically remove the customer from his paid seat? As a result of such stupid thinking, there are now, additionally, three police officers on the dock for taking action that was not not theirs to take, by enforcing some idiotic rule of a private corporations decisions to ruin their public relations. The good news is that United has apparently decided not to club their passengers any more.

Political Warfare Changes Course


Opinion written by George McClellan

America’s political atmosphere has suddenly become a bit less combustible since Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell invoked Harry Reid’s nuclear option choking off the filibuster. Now, on reflection, I expect that Senators may return to being statesmen again and not obstructionists by using the only tool available for obstructionists, the filibuster.

Oh, they still hate conservatism but they’re powerless to make any changes. The Democrat party is defeated, they just haven’t accepted it yet. The worst of the problem is that the GOP doesn’t know how to lead and are just beginning to realize they are actually in charge.

Individual Republicans try to act for themselves until such time they get co-opted by the forces of Big Government. They march not to a different drummer, but each to their own drummer, a cacophony of drumbeats, each with their own ideas, squabbling in disagreement on the pettiest of issues, while the organized, machine like Democrats manipulate them into confusion and disarray. The Democrats just got comfortable and that made them lazy and careless.

It was the organized tea party’s supporting constitutional thinking candidates that started the change in the Republican party. The organized Freedom Caucus is proof of that. The GOP’s leadership, instead of working to keep Democrats happy so “we can all get along,” must now contend with a raucous caucus that is changing the course of their ship of state and, they don’t like it. Then along came Trump, not a Republican and certainly not a Socialist (democrat) making changes in the party’s name whether they like it or not. It’s the New Age Republican Party and it’s Trumps party now. His enemies are lined up to get ‘em.

Trumps trick is that he moves so fast, like the Roadrunner, (beep-beep) that nobody can fire up his programs and start the combustion they so dearly desire. Whoosh, and he’s gone on to the next project. Chuck Schumer recognizes that. Notice how he has now sounding a bit conciliatory? Forget the nominations process, it’s over. He agreed with President Trumps lobbing of cruise missiles onto the Syrian Airfield, and is actually making overtures to try to stem the death knell of his beloved Obamacare. I think he really sees salvation in Trump’s presidency if they stop rattling his cage. Trump’s a doer. He completes projects, he knows how much it’s going to cost and where to cut wasted spending. He don’t mind sharing the credit either.

Campaign wise, The Democrats are coming on very noisily. In the race for Georgia’s 6th House Dist. the Democrat candidate, a youthful inexperienced, clownish figure, has $8.4 million dollars and it didn’t come from 6th Dist. Democrat donor’s because within the Democrat party there lurks their real enemy, the killer elites, the New Age Democrat Party of the Bernie Sanders faction. They are dedicated socialists. They will be coming on very strongly and very soon. They hate the Clinton’s and the DNC who suckered Bernie Sanders into what appeared to be a fair contest for the nomination when the game was rigged all along. They will be setting the democrat agenda afire in the next year or two.

And, here all along, we thought the Democrat Party was a solid socialist party in the old soviet mold. We ain’t seen nothing yet. Bernie’s battalions will soon be organized and hitting the streets. They will do to the old age Democrat party what the Tea Party has done to the old age Republicans, snatch away their reason to exist. Ron Paul had a near similar success with his dedicated Libertarians but they fell short because they still pretended to be Republicans with a bitch and nobody likes bitchers.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (09Apr17)

Stirring up a Nest of Wasps?


Opinion written by George McClellan:

Trump attacked Syria because of Assad’s use of chemical weapons in contravention of UN agreements outlawing such use. Syria is a Russian client state. Russia sits on the UN Security Council. The UN Security Council did nothing! Remember when Obama brazenly drew his red line in the sand, then did nothing? Well, that’s not really true. He did do something. He left the door wide open for terrorists, tinpot dictators like Assad and Kim Jung Un, to assume it was okay to do what they wanted because Americas was too weak or indifferent to respond.

Then came Donald Trump. No hesitation, no hand wringing consensus by committee, just the necessary decision to point out to Syria that there is indeed a UN Convention against the use of chemical weapons. Nothing more! And half the world went nuts. The President now yields another big stick (for poking wasp nests) by sending a Carrier Strike Group into the waters surrounding the Korea’s and suddenly, Kim has gone to ground, either hiding in his bunker or enjoying a cultural respite in Manchuria. He could even be on holiday in Hawaii for all that. It wants to be a sanctuary state.

It took two full days for a startled Russia and a bellicose Iran, to issue a public response that threatened our well being if we dared an attack like that again. Iran say’s it has this remarkably efficient army, now earning their battle credentials in Syria, that stands ready to repel America,  the “Great Satan.” Senator Rand Paul said: “As horrific as those attacks were, and as heart-rending as the pictures and the atrocity and the children dying are, I don’t believe that there was a national security interest of the United States.” He’s correct up to a point, that point being Syria’s illegal use of chemical weapons, nothing more! Sen. Paul wants a debate first before launching any such attacks. Problem with that is, events move too fast for slow deliberation by a congressional committee to be effective. Besides, inefficient and incompetent as it is, government can’t really be trusted to do what’s right, when it’s needed. Sen. John McCain would already have us involved in a full scale, boots on the ground, bloody war by now, if he had his way. Clearly, Trump is not going to take a lot of crap off other Arab dictators either. Trump doesn’t care if they kill themselves wholesale, just don’t use chemical weapons to do it.

We may actually see an increase of Iranian attacks, either actual or inspired, in the Persian Gulf theater to show us who’s boss over there, but Iran hasn’t sallied forth any viable surface combat ships yet to show their flag, only a flotilla of small PT boats that C-Whiz Phalanx Gatling guns can quickly turn into splinters. They claim they have a potent submarine force. If its still in the Persian Gulf, it will stay there because the Straits of Hormuz is as deadly bottle neck for ‘em as it is for us.

Turning to North Korea, Kim Jung Un hasn’t threaten with a vast chemical weapons inventory, though he doubtless has them. Remember the assassination of his brother in Kuala Lumpur? Kim just prefers thermonuclear devices for the shock and awe effect, if the can deliver them.

Trump has their measure. He reads people like a deck of cards, understands their motives and, so far as I can tell, anticipate their movements. Trump has honed effective strategies for defeating his opponents developed over years of business negotiations. There is nothing sacrosanct about running a government different from running a business except governments don’t have to turn a profit. They’re still run by people and people will negotiate. Governments just spend until the money runs out, then vote themselves more while refilling their coffers by theft through taxation. Let’s stay with Trump. We’re moving in the right direction al last.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em! (10April17)

Corruption and Gas


Opinion written by George McClellan:

So many bad things are coming to light in the wake of the Obama presidency. Actually, Hillary Clinton, as first lady, brought the dark aura of political corruption to the federal government when she first co-opted the FBI files on her and Bill’s political enemies. Eight years of absolute corruption and unexplained deaths followed. Indeed Hillary introduced a corrupt way of life to national politics that was apparently, acceptable to both parties.

Bush was never accused of corruption, just ineptitude and that’s debatable, but he acted decisively when it was called for. Then came Obama and his reign of sweet talk, failures and corruption of the functions of government. He’s gone and new problems now confront us. The news of the gas attack in Syria returns us to that famous Obama “Red Line” threat  about Syrian President Assad using gas against his own people and what America should do about it.

Well, he did nothing and the world saw a weak, feckless US presidents inability to keep his word unless that word was detrimental to Americas interests. And that leaves us where we are today, at this very minute, with a new president having an important decision to make, how to blunt the re-emergence of barbarism with Obama’s deep state, swampy bureaucracy at his back.

We will quickly know exactly which Syrian combatant committed that atrocity but, the best guess is President Assad because, except for the Russians and us, he’s the only one with an airborne delivery system and sarin gas in stock. My instinct tells me the Russians didn’t even know about it because they can’t afford any more bad publicity of this nature. Too, the Turks also have a voice in this game. What happens next will inevitably charge Americas course on foreign policy for decades, unless Schemers Democrats can screw it up for us.

The question under immediate discussion within the media, is how Trump should respond. Punishment is absolutely called for. US Navy submarines in the Med., the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean are all ready and set to launch cruise missiles into Syrian targets, especially Assad’s pleasure palaces and government command and control centers. Believe me, we know where they all are. Last weeks unfortunate comment by Secretary of State Tillerson, about Assad no longer being a problem to the US, will no longer apply. T-Rex will have learned an important diplomatic lesson on what not to say and when not to say it.

The primary worry is the reaction of Syria’s sponsor, Putin’s Russia. if his military complexes and aerodromes are inadvertently targeted and planes destroyed, how will he immediately react? Russia like us, is broke and cannot sustain any lengthy combat, especially over an Arab president who may have gone off the rails. Russia as a member of the UN, signed onto rules and regulations regarding use of weapons of mass destruction. Putin has this other problem. Not everybody in Russia is happy with him. At the moment, he just has the biggest stick.

For us, the most favorable consequence will be that Trump will have delivered the most important message of all, America’s back! Many will heave a sigh of relief and welcome the prospect of area stability It will give them room to prepare for whatever Iran may decide to do.

Iran will also note the change in Americas determination and, if they can tear themselves away from the pages of the Koran, they’ll realize they are really an easy target. We have entered a period of extreme political combustion. We must tread heavily now. The world is waiting!

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